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Kalpana Dangol, 19, from Nepal, died of tuberculosis in Colorado Springs, Colorado this week.  Everyone around her for months stands at risk for the disease.
Seven years ago, TB proved virtually extinct in the United States.  Today, according to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA, in excess of 13,500 new cases of TB circulate throughout the USA.  Culprit: both legal and illegal immigration.
But that's not all in store for American citizens as massive immigration into the United States brings various diseases from the Third World. 
A serious health crisis immigrating into the United States will soon have American citizens fearful of any kind of blood transfusion.  It’s not as dramatic as 9/11, however, it presents another ‘stealth’ attack on American citizens by people who arrive in the United States without knowing they carry the disease.
A sickness most Americans never heard of, Chagas Disease, is already in our blood supply in cities like Miami, Los Angeles and Houston. Recent news stories are confusing on that account.  But one thing is for certain, it’s coming to your location, soon.
What is Chagas Disease?  It’s a T cruzi protozoan that is injected into a human’s blood stream by the Kissing Bug (Vinchuca) in Mexico, Central and South America.  It attacks a person, often times, in the face while he or she is asleep by ‘kissing’ them in the fold of the cheek.  Within time, the parasite races into the blood stream to destroy the heart and other organs.  It infects 14 million in South America and kills 50,000 people per year south of the border.
With the onslaught of illegal immigration, a blood bank official said, "We've known about Chagas for many years. In fact, there has been a serologic test for Chagas for a long time." But a NY Times story said that the Food and Drug Administration has not approved a reliable test for the presence of the disease in blood supplies. One researcher at a major pharmaceutical company told the Times she doesn't expect a test to be available for some time. Another blood bank spokesperson said, "We have put so many sensitive tests in place now that getting a blood transfusion is life-saving and necessary. No one should feel uncomfortable about Chagas." Then in the same story read: The FDA hopes to have a standardized test for it in about a year.
You might weigh all those confusing or contradictory statements against some known facts about Chagas disease. It is locally transmitted in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela. Since there is presently no test to detect this disease, legal immigrants can't be screened, and, the average of 2,000 to 8,000 illegal migrants crossing America’s borders daily are not screened for any disease.
Besides blood supplies and organ transplants, how else is Chagas disease transmitted? It’s transmitted by infected feces, contacting eyes, mouth, or open cuts. It transfers by infected mothers passing the parasite to their babies at birth or breast feeding. It can be contracted by eating uncooked food contaminated with infected feces from someone handling food after having changed a baby diaper, but not washing their hands, which is a habit of most migrants coming from south of the border. Over 14 million people are infected with 50,000 deaths annually. So far only nine cases are documented in the U.S.  
In Chagas, like Hep-C, the symptoms are 'silent' until the disease is advanced. But the contagion is active even when symptoms are 'silent'.

There is no test to screen blood supplies or those infected who may be handling your food. There are few overt symptoms and no medical treatment except for subduing symptoms in final stages. Those who carry the disease come from nations where the disease is endemic and mostly undiagnosed, and will consider their symptoms natural. Forty years of legal immigration at 1.3 million a year and illegal immigration at one million a year, have overwhelmed our health care agencies. Perhaps no one you love has been infected or denied care because ERs go bankrupt or facilities are so crowded that care is delayed beyond a reasonable or safe time.

If you don’t live near large immigrant settlements in the USA, you may be safe. However, the New York Times reported, “Because the disease is most common in southern Mexico to northern Chile, the threat is greatest in American cities with immigrants from those areas.”
Others may want to rattle some chains in Congress and tell them that you, along with 70 percent of the American public want immigration laws enforced and legal immigration reduced to 1965 levels of 175,000 annually.  Without enforcing the US border with Mexico, Americans have a lot more to worry about besides mere gun-toting, plane-flying terrorists sneaking past Homeland Security agents.  It’s called Chagas Disease and it slides over our borders inside the bodies of a percentage of illegal alien migrants who walk over from Mexico at an estimated 2,000 to 8,000 each day.  You might want to call and thank your congressional representatives for this minor oversight.



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