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Ron Paul in Phoenix Sat. June 16th - More Details

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The Arizona Republican Assembly Convention Details for Members

Flight info: arrival USAiR arriving 09:11 to terminal 4 at sky harbor.  It will be either the "A" or "B" gates.  Which will not be determined to just before arrival.  Suggest everyone park in short term terminal 4 parking, parking is level 4 to level 9, arrivals/gates are level 3.  A gates are on the west end.  B gates are on the east end of the terminal. Fox News Network will be there to interview Ron Paul at 10am (the more people there the better).

Departure is Continental at 1455 actual flight time out of terminal 2.  There is only security checkpoint in 2. So we should have no problems finding him.  :)  only question is what time do we tell/ask everyone to be there.

RP talks to ARA at 1200.  Talk with Q&A is 1 hr. So finish at 1300.  Figure it will take another 30 to get out the door (handshakes photos etc) and to the car.  20, 25 drive to Sky Harbor.  So? Supporters to Terminal #2 by 1400 for another chance to meet Ron Paul.
For Volunteers and Supporter 
This announcement is so you have some advanced knowledge of an opportunity to meet the Re-Founding Father of Our Country during Father's Day weekend.

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