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Pajama Media vs. Ron Paul

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The opinion of the Media (formerly known as Main Stream) has rapidly grown in its irrelevancy to a vast majority of the eligible voters in America that have made an individual choice to _not_ vote.
It has been increasingly obvious to individuals that the most accurately counted and understood vote has been the one not cast. But then along comes the Ron Paul Revolution,... a revolution that has been growing in the minds of the people for many years, a revolution between the ears that is a required element of all paradigm changes, just as it was in the years before American Independence.

Short of turning off the Internet (which would add a whole new set of problems for the bad guys), this revolution in thinking, can not be stopped. Unlearning the truth is a nearly impossible task and those doing their best to deceive the American people by spinning a web of lies, while truth can be compared in real time, only exposes the untruth tellers.

Any teenager with some accurate information and a Blog has more credibility than any traditional media outlet or government agency from the moment they post their first entry. Add dozens or even hundreds of accurate entries and another star is born. Pajama Media doesn't understand what is happening, or doesn't support what is happening and/or thinks they have the power to influence what is happening (how's that been working out for 'ya) so instead of trying to understand it they did their best to ignore it in hopes that the RonPaulRevolution (RPR) would go away,.... ahhhh, it's not.

Pajama Media could either be a tool of an individual or group of individuals that hope to use the Internet to influence public opinion, express public opinion , inform public opinion or just be a news source reporting on public opinion. But since credibility is the only currency of any value on the Internet it is very counter to a website's success to be one thing and claim to be another.

If it is a lack of understanding of what the RPR is all about, then they will soon learn, but if it is a fear of a freed population, I have to wonder,... Why?

The personal attacks on Ron Paul and those that support his representation of the philosophy that  made America the envy of the known Universe, have no 'credibility' without any justifications for the claims. It is a bewilderment to me that it is not understood that people are at the very least interested in a philosophy that has served this country (and the world) best over human history. I also don't understand the idea that being the only presidential candidate that offers a return to those ideals makes you less appealing in some way.

Online traffic will be determined ultimately by where the most accurate information can be obtained. Pajama Media's effort to be seen as a credible information source while at the same time hoping to quash information about what is happening in the minds of the online/offline community is not in the long term best interests of Pajama Media.

But then if there are other interest involved, or there is a plan, when the time is right, for the whole editorial policy to change, or staff may later be moved to another site name etc., then maybe there is some altered state reasoning for the actions of Pajama Media. But for the long term survival of Pajama Media and gaining a status higher than the teenager golf caddy, or Country Club valet, or a men's room attendant that has inside information they wish to share on a blog that reflects the truth from a perspective of an individual seeking truth, then PM must change its policies or learn to be satisfied with the patronage of the dwindling number of individuals that seek comfort in the support of a political philosophy proved to be worthy of abandonment. 

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Comment by Ed Price
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Everybody... look at your state constitutions and enabling acts. Look for the differences between voting and electing as spelled out by these foundational documents. Then, vote to elect - not to vote.

If you need to see what I mean, go to and especially . Peruse the site.

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