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Future of Freedom Foundation Conference Report and DVD offer

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Dear Friends of FFF,

We are still flying high here at FFF in the aftermath of our June 1–4 conference “Restoring the Republic: Foreign Policy and Civil Liberties.” I know I’m a bit biased but I have never attended a more exciting conference where so many fantastic speeches were delivered. And I have never seen a higher level of energy within both speakers and attendees at a conference or seminar.

We had over 190 people attending the conference, which included libertarians, liberals, and conservatives. While discussions were spirited, they were always marked with a high degree of mutual respect and courtesy. By the end of the first day, everyone was marveling at the high quality of the speeches. Then, the second day the speeches seemed to get even better. Then, the same thing happened the third day, which was capped off with two of the greatest speeches I’ve ever heard — by Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano. The last day of the conference finished with a bang, with four more powerful speeches.

Here are testimonials that we have received from attendees:

Here are two well-written, positive reports of the conference, one posted on a liberal website ( and the other on a libertarian website (
“Shaming the Antiwar Movement” by John V. Walsh
“Unity in Diversity and Against War and Statism” by Keith Preston

Ron Paul’s speech and Andrew Napolitano’s speech are now posted on YouTube. As of today, Ron’s video has received 2,659 views and Andrew’s video has received 5,635 views. In the weeks ahead, we intend to do the same with the rest of the speeches so that the entire world can access these talks online.

Ideas on liberty have consequences — they move people to action. We are hopeful that this fine collection of 24 speeches will play a critical role in moving our country away from its pro-empire, interventionist foreign policy and toward the limited-government, non-interventionist foreign-policy philosophy of our Founding Fathers.

We are diligently working to prepare DVDs and CDs of the conference speeches. We hope to have them ready for sale within the next 30 days.

The price for each DVD will be $25. There will be 2 speeches on each DVD, in accordance with the pairings of speakers now posted on the home page of our conference website:

Each CD set will consist of 2 CDs, with one speech on each CD. The pairings of speakers will match those of the DVDs, which are now posted on the home page of our conference website: The price of each CD set (2 CDs) will be $25.

To give you an idea of how enthusiastically received the speeches were, conference attendees pre-ordered more than 800 DVDs and CDs at the conference.

If you would like to place a pre-order on DVDs or CDs, which will enable you to receive them as soon they are ready, please telephone our office at 703-934-6101. (The DVDs and CDs cannot be ordered online as of now.)

Thank you to all of you who attended the conference and, of course, to the financial sponsors whose generous financial support helped to bring into existence what turned out to be one of the most exciting conferences in the history of the libertarian movement on the two most important, burning issues of our lime — foreign policy and civil liberties. And thanks to all of you who support our efforts here at FFF — we are very appreciative.

Yours for liberty,
Jacob Hornberger
The Future of Freedom Foundation

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