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You can clean up America's Courts with David Myrland

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Are you afraid of the IRS? The government is stuffed full of agencies and bureaus that make strong men tremble and all of us blanch. Going to court has become more like mounting the trumble to the guillotine than a place where we are assured that justice will prevail. While we were sleeping the institutions of America were hijacked for the enrichment of the corporations. Now, we need to take it back.

That is no simple matter, as we all realize. But there are ways and David Myrland is one of the people who has been ding just that, a case at a time. With his help you, too can become a part of the solution to reestablishing justice in America's courts.

For David Myrland the whole thing started around April 15th, 1988 – the IRS knocked on Mr. Myrland's door to inform him that he owed taxes on some tips he had earned four years earlier. David Myrland is the fastest bar keep in the West or anyplace else. 1984 had been the last year he filed a 1040. His reaction was different than most people's; David Myrland began studying the law.

It was a bad day for injustice when that happened.

Realizing that those who confront the system lose David began an intense study of the law and the IRS code. By 1992 he was working as a full time tax payer advocate helping out others as well as writing statute that solved problems in several states.

That intense study resulted in a thorough understanding of the founding principles and a contiguous understanding of how Americans had been sold a bill of ungoods.

His insights resulted in a series of tutorials that work, enabling the user to confront and defeat the system. You can find those online at Your Remedy Is In the Law

Over the years I have seen dozens of tax protesters, seminar producers or citizens go down in flames; that is not going to happen to David Myrland.

Myrland understands the law and practice, where the statutory bodies are buried and how to use the truth. You can, too. Join us to begin your own personal revolution on the Spiritual Politician, Friday, June 21, 2007 at 4pm Pacific Time.

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