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The (temporary) world of Cindy Neun

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The (temporary) world of Cindy Neun
Tax honesty angel Cynthia Neun, was convicted alongside her partner Irwin Schiff in a federal court presided over by a federal judge who stated, "I won’t have the law in my courtroom."
Their crimes, since the law had nothing to do with their convictions? Attempting to overturn the lawless manner in which the federal government is enforcing the unconstitutional collection of Americans’ wages and salaries under the pretense they qualify as taxable "incomes."
Schiff was sentenced to 12 years; Cindy sentenced to about 6 years.
Cindy is currently being warehoused at the Federal Prison Camp north of Phoenix, AZ. She sent several examples of her recent works of art and asked that we digitally reproduce them and post the images to our website. We are honored that she asked us to do this for her.
This first "chapter" of her prison art, is truly an introspective artistic essay intended to give people insight into her current life inside a federal cage.
Enjoy and appreciate. We love Cindy with all our hearts and will forever defy any government willing to condemn the loveliest among us to a life in a cage behind bars.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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So what?....Nothing is ever done about it.
This judge will just go on doing what he does and nobody will even attempt to stop him.
Just like the Sen. and Congress,they do anything they want to do because Americans are ignorant and selfish and don`t really give a dam.If you think America cares about Cynthia Neun or Irwin Schiff,you must have missed you daily reality medication.
Take the "Browns" for instance.The judge in their case does not care about the "Browns" and the judge will continue to make the laws as he goes along and nobody will do anything about it,but TALK.
There are Government Cops that will Kill the Browns right in front of America and Americans will not even notice...or care for that matter.
Get a life Americans...Cowards all of you.