An Open Letter to Devy Kidd

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An Open Letter to Devy Kidd:

        by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and Bruce Barton
Definition of crazy:  Anyone who believes a newly registered Republican has a snowballs chance in hell of being offered a slot as a Delegate or Alternate to the 2008 GOP National Convention.

 As with the military, time in grade as well as proficiency of service to the party (along with a little political suck) is what gets you into the Convention:  Nothing else.

 It’s a small club where it matters and those already in place know each other and each other's positions well.  Newcomers get to stuff envelopes or make tedious phone calls on election eve.


 Getting an outside candidate not already on the approved list the nomination by using newly registered republicans at the convention not only is impossible - the whole idea is downright crazy.  Better that time was spent openly recruiting dissatisfied members of all political parties to vote for your favorite outsider in the state primaries than dreaming of crashing the convention.  Better the time was spent winning over at least a single mainstream news network to your candidate than to expect to crash the 08 Convention.

The ignorant issuing opinions to the oblivious can, sometimes frighteningly enough, sound informed!  Party leadership remembers whom they know; you are not one of them.

 As the 2008 election closes in, both parties are struggling to define themselves and retain membership.  The Democrats are dissatisfied with their field of Presidential contenders, as equally the Republicans want to distance themselves from the present administration.  But the old snakes and alligators in both parties remain.  Who they are and where they stand is G2 grade intel and a newbie waltzing into the dance just hasn't a clue.

In the Republican Party there are two types of individuals: the true conservative platform republican of smaller government, and the moderate "big-tent" republican who encompasses all views from the left to middle of the road.  The core difference being, that one group sees party power as being from the grassroots up, the other group sees party power as being from those elected down.  Never the twain shall meet.  The civil war for the soul of the Republican Party is over just this issue.  It’s a David versus Goliath drama.

 In Arizona for example, the platform members have revolted and taken over the state party, but only by a slim and precarious margin. Meanwhile, the top-down members have launched their counter-attack and it’s taking all the diplomatic skills of the state chairman to hold together an alliance that will work together going into the 08-election season.

However Democrats should not view this as a matter for celebration. Voters simply gave you the reigns of power in 2006 to do something about the Iraq war. Your inability to articulate a message or vision that the American people can support is your doom. Your continued support of the war, of open borders and upside-down government will keep the majority of voters out of your ranks in 2008. Both parties are on the horns of a dilemma it seems and neither party resonates with the mood of the electorate.


 Returning to the point, in the Republican Party one group prides itself on being reasonable and taking its orders from those elected higher-ups (whom they see as insiders and power nodes), while the other group believes that there are no higher-ups, only public servants who are elected to serve the people not themselves.

Arizona Senator Kyl is an excellent example of the cause of dissension within the party.  He sees his job as administering Washington's edicts and wishes to the people of Arizona as opposed to representing the people of Arizona's wishes to Washington.

And Democrats, unless Obama or Lady Clinton can communicate their true willingness to represent the people and give the people a vision they believe (and not behave as rulers rather servants), your chances of winning much of anything come 08 are slim to none.

 But back to the Republicans, while one group obeys edicts issued from their senior party officials and Senators, and believes the manure they’re fed, the other group believes in telling their senior party officials and Senators what they should be doing and voting on.


The two groups see government very differently.  The two groups are at war for the soul of the Republican Party. Make a note: This is also true in the Democratic Party today only it is not widely reported by the drive-by media because they don’t want you to know their party is splitting too.


 The landscape of the both political parties remains littered with relics of both types of party members (top-down and bottom-up).  All of them having served in the trenches for many years; all of them knowing each other and the side everyone is on.  Like alligators sitting in the sun, they look like nothing is happening, they look like they're slow and sleepy; but let a new piece of meat haplessly wander into their feeding grounds and watch them explode into deadly action.  The prey never knows what hit it.


 Devy Kidd, you either know these truths about party politics and you’re a shill setting up supporters of Ron Paul for the alligators out there, or you’re completely naive about mainstream party politics.

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