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The Ron Paul Revolution is on its way to Iowa

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The Ron Paul Revolution - AZ branch is winging its way to Iowa, to have some fun.  Many signs accompany the team.  A big round of applause to those who showed up, donated their time under uncomfortable conditions to produce the signs, and those who contributed in other ways to this journey. 

Images and Youtube video of what you have accomplished will undoubtedly arrive shortly.  With luck and a bit of outrage, perhaps the mainstream media in Iowa will unwillingly assist us.  Controversy sells. 

Ernest Hancock will be reporting LIVE on the Charles Goyette radio show (on KFNX 1100AM in Phoenix, AZ from 6 to 9 a.m. PDT - Internet link available) starting tomorrow from Iowa. 

Additionally, Ernie will be updating us on Iowa on Freedom's Phoenix.

There are groups from around the nation converging for Paul-a-Palooza.  Hopefully exceeded by Iowans.  And there is a lot more fun to be had leading up to the event.

Let the Revolution roll on!

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