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The 'No Fear' LOVEolution is greatly feared by 'The Empire'

Written by Subject: Voting - Election Integrity
Get your R3VOLutionary ass to the Iowa Straw Poll,... here's why.
There are the way things were "before" and "after" certain events in history. The 2007 Ames Straw Poll in Iowa is one of those events. And it's time to mount up. Here are the way things are and the way I believe events will unfold.
Now that the Election Integrity issue has been opened up in regards to the Iowa State Straw Poll…
(the following stories are the buzz here and around the country today  &  are links to TV coverage about 'The Legal Challenges that threaten the Iowa Straw Poll. These stories followed Iowa talk radio’s airing of the issue with Iowa GOP representatives floundering in their responses on local talk radio (The Jan Mickelson Show on WHO1040am
Now that the Straw Poll is justifiably in doubt and the ground has been broken and the seeds planted, we can expect other campaign’s supporters or even the campaigns themselves calling the whole process into question. So I say, “Mission freaking accomplished” now get your revolutionary butts to Iowa because this entire event is all about the perception of support for individual candidates. Now that the Iowa Straw Poll results are in question (as they sure as heck should be) the only other demonstration that will have any credibility is what will be seen and heard. For the first time in history the people are able to share their own experiences live and near live on the Internet using many methods and we will not be denied our voice. Now that “the machine’s voice” has been muted there is an opportunity to have ours heard. Nothing special needs to be done other than just showing your face.
Please allow me to share some random thoughts and experiences in an effort to convince you that you should be on your way to Iowa.

Katherine Harris was made famous as George W. Bush’s state chair and the person responsible for the Florida recount as that state’s Secretary of State  (BTW, the Arizona Secretary of State was Dubya Dubya Dubya dot Warmonger dot com’s chair in 2004 as well) and in Iowa it will become common knowledge who is ultimately responsible for the counting of the Straw Poll. After a few questions it was easy to find out that the title of “Auditor” is a County official that is on the Mitt Romney campaign (edge to Romney I guess).
In my opinion this is how the event this Saturday will likely play out and why.
American politics is a battle for the hearts and minds of the populace. Individuals are easier to deal with, but a ‘movement’,… a ‘general understanding of the way things really are’ now grows with every attempt to spin our understanding away from the truth. As publisher of FreedomsPhoenix and as an experienced street activist I have come to learn some basic truths that help guide me. I’m going to share some of those and then get into some speculation that can be checked later to add or subtract from my credibility as a foreteller of things to come. Back home in Arizona some friends would place my predictions on their schedules so that later they would suddenly appear  for them as a reminder to check and see how I did. I suggest that you do the same.

But I want to make clear up front how important I think it is that as many supporters as possible show their faces at the Iowa Straw Poll in Ames, Iowa Saturday August 11th. Even booking a flight right now or planning for a road trip to Iowa will be one of the most important things that can be done for the next 5 months,… I’ll explain.

The next evaluation of a candidate’s support that the political machine will acknowledge will not be for another 5 months in New Hampshire. The threat to the Empire is clear and this Fox news clip will help explain the threat from Ron Paul’s continued inclusion in the Republican Debates and he must be silenced one way or another, Ron Paul on Fox Big Story August 05, 2007 part 1 -&- Ron Paul on Fox Big Story August 05, 2007 part 2

But I guarantee that that will change (here’s one of those predictions). No way in hell will the Empire allow for Ron Paul to emerge as a threatening force starting off the 2008 election year with an ass whup’n of all of the other candidates in the first primary that will have at least half of the ballots hand counted as they are in New Hampshire. So we can expect (be guaranteed in my opinion) another large state or multiple states having their primaries/caucuses moved up ahead of New Hampshire’s January 2008 primary. In retaliation we can also expect New Hampshire to move their primary to an even earlier date. We may have a December 2007 vote in New Hampshire (another prediction).

Many states have legislation that allows the political parties to set their primaries themselves. When it has been convenient for the political machine, it will be argued that they are a private organization conducting a private election, when it serves their interest to claim that they have some sort of immunity or protections due to their being part of a presidential election process you’ll hear that argument. But never are the interest of individual liberty the primary focus of any of these decisions,… it’s all about maintaining the strength of The Matrix of control. And if the American people are not _under control_ then they are perceived as _out of control_.
Several "Primaries" around the country are "Presidential Preference Primaries" (Arizona is one of these) what this means is that the votes cast are only a 'suggestion'. There is no obligation that the delegates to the national convention reflect the will of the voters that sent them there. And who do you think picks the delegation in most states? You didn't think the 'Bad Guys' would leave such important decisions up to the people did 'ya?
The Iowa Straw Poll is nothing more than a tool to announce to the world which candidates are acceptable to "The King".
(As a side note for contemplation: In Great Britain the Monarch is presented with the elected Prime Minister that then is asked by the Queen/King (if they choose to ask) to serve in that capacity. Ever wonder why the Queen of England is still printed on the money of several countries? If New Zealand, Canada or Australia et al’s versions of the Supreme Court makes a decision that is unacceptable to the Queen of England’s “Privy Council” it can be overturned
The United State’s electoral process may now be a model of population control closer to the source of the problems rather than waiting for something to boil to the top. I wouldn’t be surprised if the NeoCon’s, and others that think as they do, see the expansion of “Democracy” as a more efficient method to rule the world. In their minds I’m sure that they believe it is much easier to control installed Middle East democracies with a floppy disk than with tanks.
Local governments and global governments have identical characteristics. The type of  people with the “ruler” mentality that you come into contact on the local level is no different than those found trying to rule a global empire. And they all seek the same thing,… legitimacy. In 1994 I wrote an article in response to being challenged on what I had come to believe the real battle was about. Keep in mind that this was 14 years ago but I think you can see how I arrived to where I am philosophically now. The Iowa Straw Poll has little to do with what the people have been lead to believe. To gain a little more legitimacy the Straw Poll has now been limited to at least people 18 years of age at the time of the 2008 election and that live in Iowa. Earlier years had anyone that showed up with a paid ticket could vote. The claim that this event is a demonstration of organizational abilities is the best argument that can be made I guess, but the main funding comes from organizations supportive of the candidate/candidates willing to support selected agandas (any of those 'freedom oriented' you think?). Pre-purchased tickets were the norm in past elections, but Romney pulling back on the purchase of tickets near the Straw poll doesn’t make me feel any better. In fact I am even more concerned now.

I am of the personal opinion that the space of time between the Iowa Straw Poll and the next Presidential vote (likely New Hampshire as early as December) can not have Ron Paul seen as a real threat to the Empire for it to continue. The easiest way to accomplish this is to make certain that the Iowa Straw Poll does not reflect his true support here and around the country. The only defense against this is to expose how this will be accomplished (fortunately that's been detailed enough in my opinion) and to have as many people as possible at the Iowa Straw poll in Ames, Iowa as possible on Saturday August 11th.  Just as YouTube was able to expose ABC’s bias spin on the Ron Paul supporters standing in the rain vs. Mitt Romney’s numbers, we can expect the same results from a comparison at the Ames Straw Poll this Saturday.
News for the Empire isn’t good and the financial situation simply could not be held until after the Iowa Straw Polls (but they almost made it). The USA and world economy is on its deathbed and America needs a Doctor.

But as has been the case in the past, just when you would think that the Age of Empire was near the end we have always seen actions to hold off the collapse one more year, one more month or even one more day in an effort to delay the inevitable. I’ll bet you have experienced this at the local levels of government as well or even in your personal life. But sooner or later reality catches up with you. This is what I fear is happening right now and the Iowa Straw poll is nothing more than another tool to buy more time. Those of us that have watched the movie “Wag the Dog” can relate to how adding just one more day to just one more to just one more day can help you achieve a goal.
And for the Revolution behind Ron Paul our time is now in Ames, Iowa this Saturday. The demonstration of support for peace and liberty on this particular day will have a very large and lasting impact and will serve up a significant face slap to the Empire. I don’t expect press coverage to be favorable but then I never expected for the Revolution to be televised,… but I knew the revolution would be YouTubed to the planet. I know there will be many other opportunities to have fun and demonstrate support for Dr. Paul after this weekend as we build up to the coming primaries, but having the computer results justifiably in question, I can’t think of a better time to cast away fear and to crank up the Revolution than this Saturday, August 11th 2007 in Ames, Iowa.
I’m way past ready for a LOVEolution!
Ernest Hancock
Publisher - FreedomsPhoenix