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Federal Lawsuit Filed to Dump Diebold & Hand Count the Votes

Written by Subject: Voting: Vote Fraud
WTP Takes Action Against Vote Fraud

Diebold Vote Machines Fail In Iowa

Last Thursday, two days before the August 11th presidential Iowa Straw Poll, We The People Foundation Chairman Bob Schulz and seven other Plaintiffs filed suit in federal court in Des Moines, Iowa seeking to permanently prohibit the state of Iowa from conducting any Straw Poll, Caucus, Primary, Special or General Election unless the voting and vote counting was open, verifiable, machine-free, and computer-free. 

Upon filing the suit, the Plaintiffs formally asked the Court for emergency injunctive relief, i.e., to order state election officials to modify the voting procedures for the Iowa Straw Poll to insure the validity of the voting process.

Specifically, the desired order sought to eliminate the use of Diebold voting machines that had been officially decertified by the state of California on August 3rd, to assure that the ballots were never out of public view, to force state election officials to publicly hand-count the ballots at each voting station and to announce the results and to conduct the tabulation of the vote station subtotals under full public observation.


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