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Ron Paul Revolutionairies - The best material for Sign STENCILS. (First Video & Original LOGO link)

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For every reason,... this is the best material for Sign Stencils yet. Lays flat, easy to cut, durable, not heavy etc.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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I have tried every outlet "Plastex" said carried their product.
Not one of them said they carried "PolyWall",and,they said that they have never heard of "PolyWall".
I live on the outer banks of NC.Can anyone tell me where to find "PolyWall" in my area.
Thank you

Comment by Kevin Cvitko
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Dirty word!

I forgot to list my group:
The Grangeville Ron Paul Meetup Group, #785.

Comment by Kevin Cvitko
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Hello Ernie!

Count me in for a set: I think you said one set, with one small, medium, and large, for about $30...

We are going door to door handing out slim jims, meetup flyers, signs/posters, and maybe some DVDs next week before our meetup meeting. The Ron Paul Revolution signs are firing every one up....Give us stencils!!!!

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Yes!! I would love to have these stencils for our Ron Paul meetup group.How do we get them?
Kill Devil Hills NC Ron Paul Meetup Group.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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We just negotiated a deal to have the stencils computer router cut so we can produce them by the dozens :) If you need help getting many of these types of stencils for your Meetups, let us know.