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DNA Roadblocks and the coming 'Lock Down' of America

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As a young man with a young family I first became aware of threats of a police state due to many people I respected making it clear to me what the ultimate desire has always been of those that hope to benefit from the labor of others.
Conquering is much easier than Control. Getting a large population under control with the simple use of force has rarely been successful and never as productive as freedom. But then an overall level of productivity is rarely the goal. Making sure that the wealth of a nation is funneled into the accounts of the enslavers is too often a major objective of those with the power to do so. Whenever asked "why" this is done by those with everything that they could ever want, my simple reply is "Because they can". I often sum up how to determine who the "good" and "bad" guys are with, "There are those that wish to be left alone,... and there are those that just won't leave them alone." This has been the easiest method for me to determine who the really bad guys are from others that I just don't like.
There are many individuals that I choose not to associate with, just as I am certain there are those that choose not to associate with me. But as long as we are not forcing our will on each other there is little fear of a conflict. But there is a very large conflict coming in the country and all of the wars and threats of wars is blinding us to what is happening all around us.
I remember wondering in High School during history classes how it was that the German People would have allowed the Nazis to accomplish what they did and drive that country into the ground (literally and in almost every way) in a very short period of time. I could write a great deal on that issue alone but we need only look around us to see exactly how it was done.
What is coming had many people warning us. I remember as a young man in 1989 having first person experiences that lead me to understand that the government wasn't what I had been taught in school. By the mid 90's I had far too much experience to ever be put back to sleep. There were many people that I can into contact with that were from earlier generations that had several different perspectives on the world and different sets of personal values and often would even use the force of government to enforce those values had they been given the chance. But everyone of these people shared an opinion that this country was intended to be part of a World wide collectivist government and that all of those in opposition would be converted or killed.
It didn't take many years to pass to at the very least see why they were so certain. Several of these people had been fighting this battle in various ways since WWII. The Arizona Breakfast Club that I help steward now was started by one of these men over 38 years ago. Before the years of the Internet, this club was a very active center for the type of information you read everyday here on FreedomsPhoenix. Each Saturday (now we meet the first Saturday of each month) the Arizona Breakfast Club would provide great speakers that would do their best to warn us of new legislation and public policies directed at the the goals of a world government.
I was the first libertarian to be invited on their Board of Directors and was happy to help in the early 90's until the heavily criticized Bob Dole could do no wrong after his nomination in 1996 as the Republican candidate. Still friends with them all I was asked to help continue the best traditions of the Arizona Breakfast Club years later after it became clear that the Republican Party was not a viable entity for freedom. The Founder Harry Everingham was entering his 90's but many wanted to continue even in an altered form that would maintain the heart of what had been accomplished over the years by informing people of what was coming.

I remember in the mid 90's learning about how Mikhail Gorbachev (former head of the dreaded Soviet Union) had come to America and opened offices at the just privatized military base offices of the Presidio for a new organization called Green Cross International. The speaker made the observation, "Environmentalism is the new Socialist Flagship". Since then I have come to understand what he meant. Soon after we would learn of the United Nations laying claim to the National Forest in America under "Biodiversity Zones" (I found some reference to this here to get you started). I remember first learning about it from Off-Road magazines when their readers would complain about seeing United Nations stickers on various control signs in the wilderness and then being told by government officials that the areas they were use to using for recreation was now off limits to the public.
Piece by piece America (in all of its forms) is drifting further and further away from the people and into the hands of collectivists overseas. But it is the people that must ultimately be controlled or the 'bank robbers' can't count on free use of their newly acquired wealth.
Another effort that I became aware of in the early 90's was started by a retire Phoenix Police officer that was the man "Officer Friendly" was patterned after here in Arizona. Jack McLamb is the most decorated Phoenix police officer (or at least was the last I heard) and took his oath of office very seriously. This is what got him in trouble often. Jack now lives in northern Idaho with several supporters near by in an effort to ride out the coming troubles they are certain we'll all experience. Jack is old school and publishes a newsletter created for "Police and Military against the New World Order" called "Aid & Abet Newsletter". Jack McLamb was also well known for his publication called "Operation Vampire Killer 2000" that detailed how local law enforcement and the military would be combined and used to oppress the American people and only those that took their oaths seriously could stop it. I did a series of radio interviews with Jack a few years ago to try and make sure that much of his history was preserved. Those interested can listen to them here.
Exposure to such information can help others understand how I was so sensitive to when my friend Terry Bressi decided on the spot to put all of his activist efforts towards challenging these roadblocks. Terry is a scientist for SkyWatch. They track space bodies that have the potential of striking Earth using the Kitt Peak Observatory near Tucson. His job requires that he travel often from the University of Arizona to the Observatory using a long stretch of highway that is lightly traveled. Terry has been very successful in exposing many of the traits of these roadblocks, plans for the future, Real ID legislation and the real intent, equipment used and those that will profit. His website is full of information and has a chronological account of his efforts to bring you up to speed on what is happening, how and likely why. Teryy Bressi has also been on my radio show discussing this issue and you can access the MP3s of those shows here.
Terry has provided us with even more information regarding the DNA Roadblocks that have been in the news of late...

Thanks for posting the Goyette Interview and the Sheriff's Instruction Letter. After finding out the name of the survey, the National Roadside Survey, I did a keyword search online and found a lengthy report regarding the survey published by the NHTSA in January 2007.  

The report includes an in-depth analysis of the history of the survey, procedures/techniques used, administration of the survey, sample results, future recommendations, etc. It's definitely worth taking a closer look at.

A few other thoughts come to mind after skimming the report and listening to the interview:

*In Arizona, it's a crime to fail to obey the lawful orders of a traffic control officer. This was one of the charges the tribal police levied against me during the 2002 roadblock I was involved with. I'm sure Colorado has a similar statute in place (but I will verify). This means that even if Hartman's deputies were limiting their interaction with motorists to directing certain vehicles off the road over to survey takers, a motorist would have been in violation of the law if he/she failed to comply and instead chose to drive off as some did according to Hartman. Just because Hartman's deputies weren't enforcing that particular statute at that particular time doesn't mean motorists weren't being placed in legal jeapordy regardless of Hartman's claims to the contrary.

How are motorists supposed to know when they can safely ignore a deputy who is "directing traffic" and when they can't?

* The Supreme Court has ruled that ANY stop by a law enforcement officer represents a seizure under the 4th amendment. There are no exceptions for 'voluntary surveys'. The courts will then decide whether or not the seizure was reasonable. As such, every vehicle that was directed over to a survey taker was seized within the boundaries of the 4th amendment.

* The survey takers were using passive alcohol sensors without a drivers explicit knowledge or consent.

* Survey takers were using the swabs and blood samples to look for a very long list of drugs that may have been within a motorists system.

* Part of the goal of the program is to expand the collection of fluid samples across the country for future surveys and who knows what else...

I wont have much time to do anything with this report or do further analysis for another week or so. If anyone else wants to do something with it - have at it.

Thanks for all your followup.


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