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Ron Paul Supporters Make Largest Campaign Signs in the Country

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Ron Paul Supporters Make Largest Campaign Signs in the Country


BARSTOW, CA, October 12, 2007---  Outside the Desert Star Ranch Truck Stop about 50 miles North of Barstow California, the largest campaign signs in the country tower over the I-15 Afton Road exit.  The four signs for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul were made by a nine volunteers from Arizona , Nevada , and California over the Columbus Day weekend.  The signs are the largest in the country for any presidential candidate, with the largest standing over twenty-four feet tall. They read "Ron Paul Revolution" and "Ron Paul: Truth, Freedom, Justice".


"Someone needs to tell the media in Baker that the world's biggest Ron Paul signs have been put up in their backyard", said Thomas, a local Ron Paul supporter.  The group of nine Ron Paul supporters gathered over the Columbus Day weekend earlier this month and made the huge signs using paint and 4 x 8 sheets of plywood.  The largest sign was made with nineteen sheets.  One of the signs is attached to a trailer, and stands ten feet tall and forty-eight feet long. The owner of the Desert Star Ranch Truck Stop assisted the group and allowed them to attach two signs directly underneath the huge "Open" sign for the truck stop, twenty-five feet in the air. 


The citizens who volunteered their time, effort, and expense to make these massive Ron Paul signs are not officially affiliated with the Ron Paul campaign; instead, they are part of the grassroots movement that has arisen around the country to support the Texas congressman in his bid for the White House.  The exact numbers of Ron Paul supporters around the country is unknown, but on one internet website alone,, Ron Paul has 53,924 supporters in 998 groups around the country and the world, with over 6,000 more interested.  


Ron Paul's supporters proved they were not internet phantoms last quarter when the Ron Paul presidential campaign raised over 5 million dollars, including over a million dollars in one week from internet contributions alone.  Since the financial reports from the presidential candidates were made public, Ron Paul has received more media attention than ever before, and support for Ron Paul's consistent, principled message of limited government, peace, and freedom continues to gain support from people of diverse backgrounds around the country.




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