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FreedomsPhoenix Subscribers - New Update in Beta Testing

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A message to Subscribers to FreedomsPhoenix
After logging in you will see the above options on the right side of the Front Page. By clicking on the "Customize Front Page" you will be presented with several options that will allow you to expand FreedomsPhoenix with;
Selected FreedomsPhoenix categories to track 
Precious Metal quotes
RSS News Feeds
Top DIGG Stories
Personal Calendar
Your favorite HotLinks
Reference sites
And more to come (please make your suggestions now) But you are also given a section to highlight your own choices in your own HotLink section. You are able to select what features you want on your own customized FreedomsPhoenix Front Page AND in What Order you wish for them to appear.
We have been working on this project for quite a while and it is now time for your input.
FreedomsPhoenix has many features that most are not aware of as a research tool and archive. Once we are fully tested for this new upgrade we will be creating a video tutorial for each level of use,... Visitor - Subscriber - Reporter - Editor.
Only those that have signed up (Valid Email - First and Last name blanks filled in) will have the password that is sent to them for full access. I, Ernest Hancock, Senior Editor, Powell Gammill and Webmaster, Tyger Gilbert are the only ones with access to this information (We do our best to keep Big Brother away but never assume that they don't have a complete list,... I just tend to think that being on top of the list is safer :)
Our internal email system keeps all emails secret and is run through our servers so that all members are insulated from potential spammers. You are able to share your email with others only if you wish to inside a communication that you type in.
Editors have the option of listing their emails for the public to see if they wish (along with their personal web sites - phone numbers etc.) My personal home address has been listed at the bottom of the Front Page for 2 years. I am often asked about this. My philosophy is that I know all of the worst of the bad guys know where I live so I feel better knowing that a lot of good guys know too :)
Please take the time to go play with the Front Page Customization feature and let me know what you would like to see different. Now is the time for Subscriber's Comments. Please use the "Comments" hyperlink in the headline or on the FreedomsForum (located at the top of the page just to the right of the Torch Logo.
Please remember to select "ON" for the features to show on the Front Page and click "Enter Changes" at the bottom of page. 


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