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Is Ron Paul Getting the GOP SHAFT?

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The short story…
What is RNC “Rule 16”?
Rule 16 is the rule that dissuades state Republican parties from moving their Caucuses or Primaries too far forward in the election cycle.
State GOPs that “break the window”, which is going before February 5th in 2008, get “penalized”. The penalty is a 50% reduction in the number of national delegates that a state party can seat at the national convention.
All of the states that break the window experience this penalty,… so what does that mean for a candidate not in the good graces of the ‘New World Military Industrial Empire Complex Order’?
A few questions pop to mind:
- Who decides which selected delegates get to represent the state at the national convention?
- How are the delegates selected?
- Which delegates are told they are not going and what is the criteria?
- How do the state GOP members voting for national delegates know that those they support will be seated at the national convention, even if they win the GOP member vote?
- What if the delegates at the National Convention suspend the penalty rules from the floor and the state parties didn’t select some delegates because they thought they were under penalty?... will their empty seats be taken by as yet unknown alternates pre-selected by the ‘New World Military Industrial Empire Complex Order’?
Republican – Democrat – Libertarian,… all the same when it comes to internal party Bullshit. The shiny badgers will always make certain they already know what is going to happen, and have the operatives at just the right place at just the right time to make absolutely certain you are never given more than just an illusion of choice.
If you do not know the answers to these questions now,… you’ll find out way too late to do anything about it. And this is just one of the things that concern me.
In the street is where you’ll have your voice for certain.
Ernest Hancock
Publisher –
"Rumble – Roar – Rage - R3VOLution" - Barry Hess
Enforcement of Rules
(a) If any state or state party violates the Rules of the Republican Party relating to the timing of the selection process resulting in the election of delegates or alternate delegates to the next national convention, such state shall suffer a loss of its delegates and alternate delegates to that national convention as follows:
(1) If a state or state party violates the Rules of the Republican Party relating to the timing of the selection process resulting in the election of delegates or alternate delegates to the national convention before the call to the national convention is issued, then the number of delegates to the national convention from that state shall be reduced by fifty percent (50%), and the corresponding alternated delegates shall also be reduced.

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Comment by Lisa Cate
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Ron Paul would make a Great President! He will get my vote in the primaries & hopefully will still be on the ballot for the general election! Finally a candidate I really want to vote for instead of having to settle for just another **Q**lesser of two evils**Q**. Check **Q**em ALL out & Vote for the Best

Comment by David McElroy
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The Republican Party booth at the New Mexico State Fair (Las Cruces region) denied even knowing who Ron Paul was, and had no info on his candidacy.
However, I and others manning the Constitution Party booth had no trouble giving away Ron Paul literature, bumper stickers, and the Republic magazine edition featuring Ron Paul.
The GOP is most certainly giving Ron Paul the shaft...and America with him!

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