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Mesa Police Aviation Unit is out of Control

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Mesa Police Aviation Unit is out of Control
Mesa Police aviation department has engaged in a pattern of harassment. They repeatedly buzz the home of the DeGroote family at odd hours of the day and night. These individuals on behalf of the City of Mesa, or with its approval or acquiescence, have collectively engaged in and have been following a pattern of conduct designed to violate This family’s civil rights, harass and intentionally inflict emotional pain and duress on the DeGroote family.
This harassment began in the first part of 2006 and has steadily increased in its intensity.  These officers have followed and dive-bombed the DeGroote family on many occasions. The officers involved in this are waking the DeGroote family up in the middle of the night on a regular basis in order to threaten and intimidate them.
December 6th, 2006, David and Jocelyn DeGroote went down to the southeast location of the Superior Court and filed an Injunction Against Harassment against Officer David Dolenar, Jr. and the Mesa Police Department, case number CV2006092580. Commissioner M. Scott McCoy said he would not order the injunction at that time and had his assistant schedule a hearing.
An incident of harassment was on November 3, 2006 very early in the morning when Officers Dolenar and Traficano apparently arranged to have the DeGroote’s street blocked off.  Plain clothed officers began kicking their door, yelling, but not identifying themselves.  They turned off the power to the DeGroote home, and then after a while turned it back on and eventually left.  Mr. DeGroote had the fingerprints lifted off the circuit breaker box for evidence. The technician concluded that some of the fingerprints were made by someone who was wearing surgical gloves.
November 14, 2006 at 15:25:05.  A Mesa Police helicopter hovered over the DeGroote house to make sure the parents were not home. Officer Dolenar than pulled up to the house and waited for her arrival.  The Officer watched the street for the 16-year-old daughter while helicopter reports her location on his radio. This was a very elaborate scheme just to talk to her without parental consent. This cop/pilot scared her and misled her asking her questions and telling her that her Daddy was being investigated for some crime against the police helicopter.  The officer was trying to get her to recall things that she did not recall and he suggested that she was lying to him saying “come on”.  Jocelyn DeGrootes parents knew nothing about this conversation prior to it happening and no effort was made ahead of time to reach either of them.
February 12, 2007 at 8:19:00. A Mesa Police Helicopter followed Jocelyn DeGroote home from picking up her brothers. The helicopter followed her really close as it was shinning its spot light on and in her car while she was trying to drive. This frightened her so much that she almost crashed and she could not breath.  Jocelyn DeGroote called her mom because they would not stop, they kept the light on her for a while, she could not stop crying after this happened. Jocelyns mom called the mesa police department and was told that nothing is going on at that time, they were out on a shots fired call but that was over by then.
December 15th, 2006, David and Jocelyn Degroote went to the hearing and Officer Dolenar, Jr. appeared along with Mark D. Ishikawa for the Mesa Police Department. Commissioner McCoy would not listen to what David and/or Jocelyn DeGroote had to say. It was ordered that David and Jocelyn DeGroote give all of the evidence to Mark Ishikawa and reset the hearing for January 12th, 2007. At that time Mr. Ishikawa from the Mesa City Attorneys Office watched some of the videos yet failed to advise his clients to leave the DeGroote family alone, this was in December of last year.  The DeGroote family believes Mr. Ishikawa had an ethical duty as an Attorney/member of the State Bar of Arizona and as a human being to report this on-going criminal behavior.  Instead he advised that criminal charges be filed on Mr. DeGroote (even though he broke no laws) to protect the City from the liability and accountability for the actions and the violations of the DeGroote family’s rights such as turning off our power and the intentional harassment.  Mr. DeGroote had a few different conversations on the phone with Mr. Ishikawa in December 2006 that were recorded.  Mr. Ishikawa was told that the DeGroote family continues to be severely harassed yet he did nothing about it, even though it is a policy with the City of Mesa in these situations that they do; it is also his sworn duty as an Officer of the Court to report any knowledge of a crime that: “is being or will be committed”, immediately upon discovery to the proper authorities.  Mr. Ishikawa was the defense Attorney for the City of Mesa and for one of the Tactical Flight Officers/“Watchers”, in the Injunction Against Harassment case that David DeGroote and Jocelyn DeGroote filed against the City of Mesa in 2006.
December 29th, 2006, David DeGroote filed a motion and order to dismiss without prejudice. For reasons such as, the Plaintiff’s household was very ill with the flue and the Plaintiff’s expected the court to be more helpful as they are not legal experts. It is obvious that once that was done the Officers at the Mesa Police Department that were involved in this harassment decided they needed to try and shut up the DeGroote (as stated in a death threat on “your silence is needed”) family so they began submit charges against Mr. DeGroote and beefed up the harassment and the intimidating
January 16th, 2007, Complaint was signed against David DeGroote for one count of Endangerment one count of Criminal Nuisance and one count of Disorderly Conduct docket number 2006073087 DR NO 20063060095. He was being accused of shinning a light at a Mesa Police Helicopter. The fist court date was set for February 16th, 2007.
January 31st, 2007, while investigating the harassment that was being done to himself and his family, David DeGroote was arrested by Sergeant Thompson for the Endangerment charge that was sent by summons and complaint. Docket number 2007008155 DR NO 20063060095 (same as 01/16/07 complaint). February 12th, 2007, State files Motion To Dismiss case number CC2007022121000 stating that is was a duplicate docket. March 1st, 2007, Case number CC2007022121000 was dismissed. February 16th, 2007, Complaint was signed against David DeGroote for one count of Criminal Trespass in the third degree. The charge was for the date and time he was attested on January 31st, 2007
February 1st, 2007, Officer Dolenar Jr. filed an Injunction Against Harassment against David DeGroote. Case number CC2007022121000 in the North Mesa Justice Court. David DeGroote requested a hearing and it was set for March 1st, 2007.
February 16th, 2007, David DeGroote filed a Motion to dismiss Officer Dolenar’s Injunction Against Harassment. March 5th, 2007 Officer Dolenar filed a motion to have the Injunction reinstated. It was denied on March 7th, 2007. March 8th Officer Dolenar filed another Injunction Against Harassment in the North Mesa Justice Court, case number CC2007045342. The court set a hearing for it on March 21st, 2007. Officer Dolenar was given the Injunction. Even though he did not prove any thing.
March 8th, 2007, The DeGroote family mailed out requests for help along with DVD’s containing footage of the constant harassment to Attorney General Terry Goddard, United States Attorney Daniel G. Knauss, and the FAA. Terry Goddard’s office sent them a letter telling them that there was nothing they could do and that we should contact the County Attorney’s Office and the Governor’s office. Terry Goddard then forwarded the information to the Governor’s office. Mrs. DeGroote contacted the Governor’s office and was told that they could not do anything about it and that they should have all of the neighbors help by contacting the Police Department. No response was given form Daniel G. Knauss.
April 10th, 2007 David DeGroote filed a notice of claim against the City of Mesa and the Mesa Police Department, no response received
April 19th, 2007 Jocelyn DeGroote’s friend called her to tell her that a death threat was put on about David DeGroote. Some of the statements were “Degroote is a moron, I am so stupid that I think the Mesa Police Helicopter is stalking me” another statement included “You clearly have mental health issues” there also was a song playing that said, “your silence is need, I am waiting here with a loaded gun”.  David DeGroote filed a complaint with You Tube.
This threat was reported in-person at the Mesa Police Department on Robson in Mesa by the DeGroote family who asked to file a criminal report and were told that this was what they were doing with the Internal Affairs Officers.  When the report was supposedly completed, the DeGroote’s asked for the case number and to be kept in the loop because they are victims.  The DeGroote’s were told that they were being interviewed for an internal investigation and no criminal report will be submitted and there family will not be kept in the loop about any of it and they refused to give the DeGroote family a case number and refused to submit the criminal report.  We have a tape recording of this entire event.  Since then we received a letter stating that they have completed the investigation and the officers that put the threat up on have been “Exonerated”.
May 1st, 2007 Terry DeGroote, Avery DeGroote and Keaton DeGroote filed a notice of claim against the City of Mesa and the Mesa Police Department, no response received.
May 1st, 2007 Jocelyn DeGroote filed a notice of claim against the City of Mesa and the Mesa Police Department, no response received. 
We are afraid for our lives and the Mesa Police has refused to take a report or do an investigation of this threat on our lives.  This is “Intentional Discrimination” and “Dereliction of Duty" If it were not an officer(s)/detectives(s) who had committed this crime, felony charges would be made by now against them.  This is GROSS and INTENTIONAL NEGLIGENCE as it is designed to hide the identity of a very dangerous felon(s) and to cover-up and hinder the investigation of and prosecution of a violent offender who has made death threats against our family.  When my children are involved this is unacceptable and inexcusable
As victims of a crime of this magnitude, whom are being refused the help and protection they are entitled to by the Mesa Police Department, it is becoming clearer that the likelihood of this threat actually being created at the City of Mesa’s expense, and on the City’s computers, with the knowledge of a group or department with-in the City of Mesa, or the Mesa Police Department, is very likely.  It will identify from whom and where this threat originated and what the login information used was, and from whom it came. They are confident that this discovery along with the videos they have will ultimately prove to be one of the single most significant and organized cases of police abuse ever documented.  There is no justification or rational that can exonerate anyone from this behavior.
These are only a few of the examples of the abuse of power by certain individuals in the Mesa Police Department and The City of Mesa which have systematically terrorized and intimidated the DeGroote family and caused the, physical and emotional harm and stress.  They are a wonderful family, but since this began, there lives have been in turmoil.  They do not know why they have decided to harass their family, but they want it to stop.

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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
Entered on:

 Britany Swinger, your swing hit the pot right. You named it right. You won a prize.

Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

 JV -- correct me if I am wrong.  His name is LARKEN ROSE, a tax felon and ex-convict who swears to kill government agents and shoot cop dead!

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
Entered on:

There is more reason to believe that the family did not like the sound of airplanes and the noise of helicopters flying over their place and started the hostilities now unfolding from both sides.  If members of the family couldn't stand the noise, they should have moved out to another place instead of add more problems to their trouble, and then start to foolishly charge the Mesa Police Aviation of harrassment. Judging from the narration, the family appears to be harrassing the officers and the city as shown in the injunction orders the Judge issued against them. But published headlines of this kind are exactly what psychopaths are looking for to support their psychopathic compulsion to kill government officials and shoot cops dead!  Remember that notorious name of a mentally-disturbed guy who wanted to kill government agents and shoot cops dead?

Comment by Katrina Hewitt
Entered on:


hi, my n ame is katrina and this is happening to my sister , she has five kids and she scared to death, can u plz,send me some info on what she shld do? Thx
Comment by Erica W.
Entered on:

Can someone say schizophrenia. A death threat on youtube? Being harassed by helicopters? Massive ploy just to harass one family. No Sir, the city is not harassing you, you are wasting taxpayer dollars filing your ridiculous claims. Take your paranoid self and daughter to a doctor and get some meds. You need them.  


Comment by Pilot Too
Entered on:

I also know the Pilots. I fly, its a small world so I will just say this, we have a meeting every year and this has been a topic of discussion that has taken up much of every meeting, when I could care less! What I want to talk about is new technology and real news to do with our birds. These Police Pilots are obsessed with degroot and all they talk about is this guy and how funny it is. I made the mistake of asking one of them a couple years ago something about it because it was on the news, now I can't get them to shut up about it. None of them are afraid of degroote and it seems that they want to get video taped by the degroots they accepted bets on how long it would take to get degroote to pull out his camera and start taping (money changed hands). Now they look for reasons to get over to Chandler were the degroots moved to. They want degroot to complain they are trying to get a complaint from them and they expect for someone to shine a light at them over there. When they talk about degroot they say “Adam Henry" this is how they refer to degroot. Native Air gets in on the fun too; one of them is a Mesa Aviation guy. I’m sure this pilot is a great man but it looks like you may just be a bad judge of character and I am glad you like the guys son but, to be obsessed with harassing someone is not a sign of good character.

Comment by Jordan Jones
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 I know Officer Dolenar and his family personally, but I could have been a complete stranger and just by observing the way they treat those they affliate with I could never believe such crap. It is so easy to run with only one side of the story and listen to each side defend themselves. I personally, choose not to believe the annoyed, enraged family that simply wants the PD to stop flying over their house. Corruption is everywhere yes, but I know Officer Dolenar to be a great and honest person and he would never harrass anyone or do anything corrupt. The qualities he has instilled in his eldest son is proof of that. I guess what I;m trying to say is think twice before you really believe such a heated story. Consider both sides then make your decision. Just because you've had one bad experience with law enforcement doesn't mean they are all crooked. I know Officer Dolenar as a just man and I can give numerous examples of how the Mesa Police Aviation Unit has helped in Mesa even prior to my meeting the Dolenar family.

Comment by cr flood
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I live in mesa they are constantly over or nearly over my house . Last night 8,10,09 from 2,30 to 4 am  they kept me up. I also work on rooftops from time to time at night they circle us all night long . Last time 2 weeks ago on main . Around and around and around . The rotor noise after awile will make you nuts. Cost a lot of money to fly for 8 hours a night. I hope they are doing something except for looking at my girlfriend in the pool all night .

Comment by Jim Thompson
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 Been there, done that. Or more correctly, I've had it done to me,  for reasons which I only partly understand.  Mesa P.D. is rotten to the core, and has been for nearly 150 years. Nepotism, graft, and just plain fascist power trips characterize them, top to bottom.  Some of the victims of these gutless, incompetent scum need to initiate a massive DOJ/class action suit and tear the worms apart.  The "aviation wing" hovered over my residence one night watching two kids petting in a car; when I complained, I was threatened.  I'd already had bogus charges filed against me, which went all the way to trial, wherein I was charged for aggravated assault AFTER HAVING BEEN ATTACKED BY THREE CHRONIC CRIMINALS AND CUT RATHER BADLY BY THROWN SHURIKEN (Kung Foo throwing stars).  The corrupt shyster of the County Attorney's office was FURIOUS,  but no one would take any action against the LYING police office, whose fraud and perjury was the premise behind all the other lies.

They're basically mad dogs, and should be treated with a level of contempt and hostility worthy of that kind of monster.


Mesa P.D. has murdered children whose parents called for fear their grade school kid might commit suicide. They were then cleared by another layer of depraved liar.


A lot of these filth need to do time, and in the general population.

Comment by Richard Martin
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good luck in court. corruption in law enforcement is everywhere. have personal experience with the helicoptors/ planes daily. COINTELPRO b.s. is what i have experienced, evictions, numerous false arrests blah, blah,blah. persevere my friend. good eventually wins over evil. cops are a joke!!

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Why don`t we tell our Wonderful President about it,he`ll fix it .ha ha ha ha.

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