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Behind the Scenes at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Ron Paul - Tom Cruise and The Sex Pistols

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The r3VOLution in Phoenix and Las Vegas supplied some material and sign stencils in various sizes for distribution in California in an effort to spark more sign production and placement in high traffic areas. This has been done in several other states and the results have often been spectacular. Getting busy people over the hurdle of producing their first signs by supplying sign stencil kits and learning the accompanying skills often send many into a frenzy of activity. Others that come into contact with them are also inspired and the infection spreads rapidly.

The r3VOLution is touring California searching for sign makers and Ron Paul Revolutionaries that are interested in learning how to make effective signs quickly and cheaply. Our first stop was San Diego where we used a digital projector to trace the text “RON PAUL” onto a sign made of 18 sheets of 4’ X 8’ chip board to be placed on a hillside facing a freeway in San Diego that is in the back yard of one of the Meetup coordinators in the San Diego area. We also provided r3VOLution stencils and a demonstration that has inspired some individual activity.

Sherry is one of the sign makers that helped produce the I-15 Ron Paul Billboards and splits her time between Los Angeles and San Diego managing her business. Sherry took the time to stop buy and make new friends while she inspired them to think big and try new things. This particular group has been very busy displaying signs on the weekends by holding them up on freeway overpasses and making sure that all of their cars are fully decorated with Ron Paul material. With the additional information and equipment I am certain we will learn of even more successes in the San Diego area as they encourage and influence others to start their own sign productions and independent activities and keep spreading the liberty virus.

The Ron Paul Revolution is constantly benefiting from good fortune. Our timing for this trip happen to bring us to Los Angeles for a few days that included the Tonight Show appearance of Ron Paul with Jay Leno. The music guest was The Sex Pistols playing ‘Anarchy in the UK’ (after all,… November 5th is an English holiday). Tom Cruise was there before Ron Paul promoting the new movie “Lions for Lambs”. The chosen scene that was played to promote the movie featured Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep in a very clear indictment of the American media in their role in sending this country to War unjustly. Robert Redford directs and stars in the movie. This movie will join the other political classics that Redford has been involved with (All the President’s Men - 3 Days of the Condor - The Candidate).

Tom Cruise’s appearance and  his new movie segued very well into Ron Paul’s appearance. Whoever produced this show kept the theme constant,… ‘government sucks’.

Behind the scenes was at least as interesting. Walter is a new friend from LA that was one of the sign builders at the I-15 Truck Stop. Walter stood in line at the NBC ticket office from 2am this morning to make certain that he got a ticket to the show. I arrived at about 5am to find myself about 20 back from the front. The ticket office didn’t open until 8am but many Ron Paul supporters didn’t want to take a chance.

Our inside expert is a woman that writes a Tonight Show with Jay Leno blog. She has attended over 400 shows and helped us every step of the way to understand what was happening and why (she of course had a Ron Paul Revolution t-shirt on).

While waiting for the early morning tickets I took advantage of the opportunity to distribute dozens of t-shirts,  printed material, sign stencils and signs that were made by volunteers in Phoenix. All of these were eagerly swooped up and I know LA will soon see the effect of the RPR infection as well.

Crowds normally start to form at around 2-3pm for getting inside for the 4-4:30pm start of the taping for the show, but Ron Paul supporters began arriving as early as 1pm… just to be sure.

The young lady that escorted the first group in told us that this was the most people she has seen waiting for a show since some Back Street Boys appearance a long time ago. Long before we were sent in many of the crew and security guards asked for t-shirts and materials. Often some would give up their own for them if the correct size couldn’t be found among the dozens that I brought from my car (I took down their names and addresses so that they get taken care of). 3 dozen Ron Paul Revolution coffee cups were also given to the band and crew (and whoever else got their hands on them). There was also a project to send flowers to the Tonight Show from volunteers around the country as a demonstration of appreciation for having Ron Paul on the show. After the show we learned that 150 vases of roses were undelivered due to there not being any more room at the studios. Several of us went to the florist to pick up the remaining roses and balloon arrangements  and took them to a nearby Hospital where staff there helped Ron Paul supporters distribute them to patients (along with a Ron Paul card).

Jay had some funny things to say about Ron in his monologue but was very respectful of Ron and allowed him to answer the questions. Ron was very warmly received but Jay Leno warned us before the show started during warm up not to interrupt the interview with cheering or they would loose too much time (we were as reserved as was possible for us).

There were so many of the bright yellow Ron Paul Revolution t-shirts that  the stage manager asked us to cover them, take them off or move to other areas of the studio. Once they also started to ask that the campaign buttons be removed we felt it was more of a censoring thing than the first claim that the colors were too bright. No one said anything about my black Ron Paul Revolution baseball hat though and I was right behind Jay as he came into the audience for an audience contest so you might see the logo on the tonight show anyway.

There were quite a few surprises in the show. Betty White made an appearance and so did Tom Arnold for some additional fun. I was interviewed by an L.A. Times reporter (or was it Time magazine - We’ll find out soon - Jay started his warm up before I could find out). I’ll find the link as soon as I can and put it up on the site.

So it was a fun and full day that was productive as well. I got to make some new friends and meet people that I have only known as readers and suppliers of material for FreedomsPhoenix.

Tomorrow I head East of LA for another sign  making demonstration to local activists and then north to San Francisco, Sacramento, Reno, Las Vegas and back to Phoenix. Then I fly to Virginia Beach followed by Manchester, New Hampshire. Each stop has a specific purpose and group to coordinate with that have requested help or are just willing to take it. Phoenix and Las Vegas activists have been rewarded with so much increased activity from these visits that they are working hard to make sure that the material is made available to their fellow activists in their common support of the liberty message.

The Ron Paul campaign has their own priorities and with the spontaneous nature of the r3VOLution it wouldn’t be possible to do anything more than smile and wave at each other as our efforts overlap in our common goal to free as many minds as possible. But the campaign has needs, and the closer the first primaries and caucuses get the more attention that needs to be paid the process of getting the nomination. I’m of the opinion that more signs on the streets serve all of our interests but there are many that should be supported in their efforts to secure a continued voice for the freedom movement through to the general election by making sure Ron Paul gets the Republican nomination… but more signs can’t hurt.

Almost time for The Tonight show to start…..

Ernest Hancock
Publisher - FreedomsPhoenix


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