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The Voter Registration Bomb – For RON

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 December 19th, January 3rd, and Finish the Job January 22nd.

Give an early Xmas gift that makes freedom real for America.

This morning I received this from a friend of mine who is a long time Republican activist. My friend is well connected with the GOP Leadership – who do not know he is supporting Ron. Here is what he said in that email.

 “Mel ... Can you get this one message as high up the food chain in the national Ron Paul organization:  Independents, Un-Happy Democrats, and those not registered to vote MUST register Republican in order to get Ron Paul the nomination!

Believe it or not, many folks who have never participated before really don't know how the system works -

 When the RNC sees new registrations cascading they'll know Ron Paul is for real

As of now, both the DNC and the RNC know that inspite of all the noise from the Paul camp, the primary elections are in the bag for the status quo candidates.

We need to take the Primaries out of the bag for them and bag them for Ron. Sometimes you have to act fast to do the job. That was true the first time around, in those tense days before the Revolution in 1774. That action started on December 19th that year, at Fort William and Mary – in New Hampshire when American patriots seized and moved their cache of ammunition and arms to save them from the British.

Setting the first Volley of the Registration Bomb for December 19th gives us a target; using it we can tell the GOP and America that we will be seeing them at the Republican Convention next September – and Ron will be the Republican candidate!

Therefore we need a Registration BOMB that hits with power and the message that they cannot manipulate dates; that we understand and are prepared to play the game and win. We take their dates and drive home the message.

Therefore the First Volley for Freedom comes on December 19th, focus in South Carolina.

The Second Volley, straight into the media, comes January 3rd, in Iowa. Their leadership will be sober enough to understand we mean it by then.

The Third Volley comes January 22nd as we begin counting the votes in New Hampshire.

One across their bow, a second to wake them up, the third to carry us across the line to victory.

Do it NATIONALLY. In every state, every city, every precinct. Register your self, doorbell with registration forms, have Santa hand them out through the holiday season.

Next year at this time we want to be planning the Paul Inaugural and a new future for America.


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