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2 Outs, Bottom of the Ninth...

Written by Subject: Eugenics
Winner: CNN/YouTube.  Whether due to timing or conduct, there were actual two or three minute debates that broke out in their three hour dog and pony show.
Co-Winner: Hillary Clinton.  Again, more time in the "debate" than anyone on the stage.
Clear Loser: Ronald Reagan's "11th Commandment"
Romney: go away.
Guiliani: Clear, forceful, right, and wrong.  Right in acknowledging states' rights.  Wrong in ignoring states' rights.
Thompson: wake up.
McCain:  You're conflicted.  We get it.  Read a book, look in the mirror, and make a decision.
Huckabee: Hello!  Where'd this guy come from?
Hunter: Thank you!  Without your insistence, I'm not sure we would have heard from you, Tancredo, Paul, Huckabee, or Thompson!  Now, go build fence with Chris Simcox.
Paul: you should have just stuck with the head shaking as McCain ranted.  Oh, and CNN loves (make that LOVES) Ron Paul!
Tancredo: Excellent!  Go away.
Persons who still believe in the medevial idea of a "government": Huckabee vs. Paul is the 2008 race.  Why?
1) Religiosity vs. religiosity
2) Social programs vs. free markets
3) Keynes vs. economics
4) Interventionism vs. non-interventionism
5) Fair Tax vs. no income tax
No more "debates" are required.  The general election is a non-issue.  Chuck the rest of the pikers, sit Charlie Rose in between Paul and Huckabee broadcast 24/7 until the end of March, and let's go to the convention.
No other candidate, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, ConstiGreenNazi, etc. brings anything even remotely different.  Go away.

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