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The RonPaulRevolution opens HQ & Lodging in New Hampshire

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NEWS: Friday December 7th 2007
The house is available to Ron Paul Activists from the 11th of December until the 22nd of December and then again from the 26th of December until the 10 of January.
We will be there Tuesday evening on the 11th with some other activists and we have room for at least 4 other hard working activist as of this moment. Our initial focus from this base of operations is the distribution of Business owners Ron Paul materials. Retail space is close together on shoveled sidewalks that have many shoppers this time of year.
Our initial plan is to cover the entire state by the 17th of December by visiting the main retail hubs and main streets in rural New Hampshire first and then focusing on the densely populated areas over the weekend. Banners, Signs, Printed Material, Lodging, Maps and Activists have been prepared and we are now ‘pushing the button’.
OPERATION: Live Free or Die and The are working together to cover as many days as possible with activity from now until the primary January 10th.
Operation Live Free or Die looks forward to your support as well and will be focusing their efforts on activity after Christmas and especially the week up to the New Hampshire Primary. The RonPaulRevolution is focusing on the increased activity during the holiday season and the distribution of material to businesses.
Business owners are most often located close together, understand finances, interface with the government more than most, have a first hand understanding of too much government, are the first victims of an economic downturn and know at least as well as the average American when they are being lied to. They are generally respected members of their community that interface with the public more than most.
By targeting these people now we are able to widely distribute ideas quickly through the community via individuals that like to be informed and can be expected to inform their peers and others they come into contact with.
Once this is accomplished I am certain that circumstances will dictate other activities where our time and effort will have the greatest effect.
If Operation: Live Free or Die can not secure housing for you then please check with me at about your needs. I can also be reached by phone at 602 717 5900.
This site is designed so that each of you can directly communicate with each other securely without your email being exposed to spammers or anyone else until you are ready to share that information inside the body of your emails. The site allows for self organization when you provide the requested information.
After getting set up Tuesday night we hit the ground running on Wednesday the 12th. The form on this site will help you decide when is the best time to make use of the house. I will begin to add information that details who will be staying at the house as we get more information about who is going when and what their needs are.
Ernest Hancock
Publisher –
602 717 5900

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