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ABC Shifts Stossel's Ron Paul Interview to Web Only

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> > ABC has decided not to air an interview with Republican
> > presidential hopeful Ron Paul by 20/20 co-host John Stossel and
> > instead present it as an online "exclusive." Paul advocates the
> > kind of libertarian approach to many issues that Stossel appears to
> > support. The network's decision aroused anger among Paul's
> > supporters. On the liberal Huffington Post blog, Matt Simon, who
> > heads a New Hampshire organization that advocates marijuana-law
> > reform, asked, "If ABC claims to be operating in the public
> > interest, on what grounds can it reasonably suppress this unusually
> > thought-provoking interview?" (The interview could fall under the
> > FCC's Equal Time rule, requiring the network to provide free time
> > to Paul's rivals.) As Stossel notes in his online introduction to
> > the interview, Paul has been effective in raising awareness of his
> > candidacy -- and raising campaign funds -- on the Internet. On
> > ABC's 20/20 message board, one Paul supporter wrote, "The truly sad
> > thing is that ABC won't air this on television. We on the Web know
> > Ron Paul's views and beliefs, so why are they wasting time here
> > when he could be on TV being much more effective in spreading his
> > ideas?" Another wrote, "My grandmother is very interested in Ron
> > Paul and doesn't have access to the Internet! This is outrageous
> > that ABC won't air the interview." 

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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There is nothing anyone will do about it,so! shut up.
ABC is just as corrupt as the others.They are all paid for by Anti-Americans,and! they don`t even care about their own children and their future in the NAU.Their own children mean nothing to them and they will give them up to keep their jobs.The TRUTH is something they don`t speak.How much more will it take for the stupid Americans to notice that they are being done away with.

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