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Arizona Gun Rights Bill is Having Some Resistance

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Here are the Republican senators who are saying they won't support SB1214 (concealed carry on campus):
Senator Tom O'Halleran <
Senator Carolyn Allen <
Senator John Huppenthal <
Senator Jay Tibshraeny <
Please email these senators and let them know of your support for the bill.  (Some are saying that their district won't support the bill.)  If you live in their district, please be sure to mention that you are a constituent.  Also, I'm sure that you all understand that you should not "Forward" a message such as this.  Write a few lines - you don't have to say a lot - and send it off.  If you just click on the email address above, you'll get a window for a message. 
Gun rights supporters (John Wentling, Todd Rathner, Gary Christensen, and others) are here today working hard to collect votes and get an accurate head count.  It's going to be a very close vote.  As of right now, we don't know of any Democrats who will support the bill for certain.  There are 17 Republicans in the Senate and 30 total Senators.  That means we need at least 16 Republican senators to support the bill but, as you can see, the four Republican senators (above) are not with us.  So, we need to either get the votes of O'Halleran, Allen, Huppenthal, and Tibshraeny, or we need to pick up some Democratic votes.  Your lobbyists should have a better idea by the end of the day who might be counted on to vote for the bill, and I'm sure they'll let us all know. 
Please be polite and ask the above senators to support SB1214 - I'll be in touch as I get more information.

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Comment by Jed Dairy (21292)
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 He wrote me the same bottled reply:

I was the 16th and deciding vote to bring concealed carry rights to Arizona.  So, obviously, I am a supporter of gun rights.  I have written columns on the issue.  I have given floor speeches defending, in meticulous detail and research, John Lott's book More Guns Less Crime.
However, I believe the amendments to 2474 are reasonable and the bill itself will gain us a huge advance in gun rights.
It now appears that we have an agreement and that we will be moving the bill forward.
John Huppenthal
State Senator


He's leaving office in 2010 anyway.

Comment by Trouser Chili (6119)
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Something DOES NOT COMPUTE here. See this reply from Huppenthal:



No one, absolutely no one, has a better record of supporting the second amendment than I have in the legislature. I was the 16th and deciding vote to bring concealed carry rights to Arizona.

I always vote to strengthen second amendment rights.

John Huppenthal
State Senator