Article Image Mr. Hancock Goes to Washington

Freedom Rally in Washington DC April 15th 2008 (Video) - Ernest Hancock

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Comment by Brock Lorber
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The lighting in the video is off, somehow. It must be the black hole you're standing in front of.

Who knew Ernie even owned a suit? I thought he rented the suit he wears in the debates.

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Hooray for Ernie! The speech you made was great! I am proud of you as you lived up to your usual outrageous standards!!! An excellent video as well!

Comment by Greg and Kat Affholter
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Hey Ernie,

Where is the rest of the Rally? I like you a lot but I really want to see the rest of the rally. How many people were there? I hear only 200 people showed up. Really liked the SS...LOL interesting they have the same initals as the German SS..behind you with the binoculars

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Why who is that distinguished man standing in front of the nation's den of inequity? Is that the next CONgressman from District 1 AZ?