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NV Republicans to Resume State Convention

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According to a press release sent out Friday, Nevada Republicans will finally attempt to form a quorum required to complete convention business on June 28 in Reno.  This attempt has an interesting twist, though; the Nevada Republican Party isn't organizing it.

“The State Party has really left us with no other option,” said Wayne Terhune, a local Republican activist who made the turn-key convention offer to the Party.  “We feel the Nevada delegates deserve the chance to have their voices heard and finish this Convention process.  The State Party has not followed through with their promises to reconvene, and it has been over five weeks. The Party kept telling us they would reconvene, first in a week, then in two weeks, then in June, and then maybe July.  But there doesn’t appear to be any real plans to reconvene, and the delegates have a right to get together and complete the Convention.”

The Nevada State Republican Convention was abruptly recessed on the evening of April 26th.  National delegates had been selected from Congressional Districts 1 and 3, and votes were still being counted from Congressional District 2. National at-large delegates had not been selected when the Convention was recessed.  The Nevada State GOP has indicated they are working on a venue but have yet to schedule the Convention, despite having five weeks to do so.

To reconvene, the convention has to form a quorum consisting of 50% + 1 of the credentialed delegates from the April 26th convention start.   The Republican activists reconvening the State Convention are all credentialed state delegates* from the State Convention on April 26th, and are inviting every credentialed state delegate to come and have their voice heard on June 28th. 
“We intend to do this right,” said Terhune.  “Everyone will have a fair chance at this reconvening.  We think our chances of getting a quorum are excellent, because so many Republicans want to get this process completed.  This is our chance to get this done right.”
“This isn’t about one candidate versus another,” said Pat Kerby, a Nevada State delegate from Nye County.  “This is about credentialed Nevada State delegates getting together to form a quorum and finish the business of the State Convention.”
* Disclosure: I am also a credentialed delegate.

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Ooh, ooh,...let me get my popcorn and some beer so I can sit back and watch the fireworks!!

I'd pay admission to see this!!