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Updated: Police reports from the John Stuart/ Orville Beasey homicide trial

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Update: Added Evidence file that contains search warrants, interview descriptions, items seized or examined, collected, observations.... 
So far I have uploaded the initial homicide report, the witness statements taken at the scene and the report made to RICO Stuart's vehicle and its contents.  I have removed pages that contained nothing other than witness contact info, in other cases I had to black out that info to protect their privacy.
I am still working on a pertinent Evidence report.  Watch for update. I probably will not include the police text messaging report since there was zero info other than directing them to go to some location.   
I am hoping to get audio of the 911 calls, but once again I would need to edit them to remove witness contact info.  Earlier I had wanted to get crime scene photos showing the location of the body, but have now verified it was located in front of the victim's vehicle on the left (driver's) side, so I see no need.
If anyone knows of any other witnesses not included in the witness report let me know.  I am fairly sure I got them all.  Extracting them from 300 unorganized pages was a pain.
Witness Statements (very large, 15Mb)
Evidence (large, 10Mb)
March 20 & 26 Hearing transcripts; combined and the March 20th hearing is mislabeled as March 30.  The 26th was the hearing where Rabbi Rice's documents were filed with the Clerk of the Court.  The bond documents were entered into the record and stricken from the record.  If something is stricken, how can it be unsealed and used against someone?  Also, please note the clerk states she filed the document.
RECAP:  There are two trials one for murder and the other a subsequent false paperwork filing designed to deny Stuart bail.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Not according to the prosecutor.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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It's not homicide's the self defence case!