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Syndicated Talk Show Host, Jack Blood, interviews 9/11-OKC investigator

Written by Subject: Conspiracies
From: Jack Blood 
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After over a year of investigations, my sources are ready to speak out publicly on one on of the most important Sept 11th puzzle pieces ever to come my way.

It seems that Mohamed Atta and at least 4 other 911 (alleged) hijackers were in Oklahoma City just before 9.11.2001.
My sources accidentally ran into several witnesses while investigating leads in the OKC Bombing case.

What did they find?

According to eyewitnesses (none of whom knew each other) Atta and the boys were in OKC just 3 days before 911.


My sources (who will remain nameless until today's radio broadcast) also have credit card receipts from an Atta and crew drinking session at a local OKC bar, where they nearly got in a brawl with 2 other patrons.
The CC numbers used by Atta seem to show that the Cards were GOVERNMENT AUTHORIZED!

It gets better....

This could be the most damning evidence to date that the alleged hijackers
of 911 were indeed intelligence assets and NOT "terrorists"

It gets better....

TUNE INTO DEADLINE LIVE TODAY - JULY 18th 2008 @ 4pm EDT! (stream 1 & 3)

OR go to to find out how to listen.

In liberty.

Jack Blood

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Watch video **Q**Everybody**Q**s Gotta Learn Sometime**Q** for previous related info. This is great news that more info is coming out. Keep on the case!!
London UK

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