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Republican State Delegate Suit Against Nevada GOP Moves Forward

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UPDATE: Republican State Delegate Suit Against State Republican Party Moves Forward

RENO, NV, July 21, 2008—Nevada State Republican delegates filed a complaint in Nevada Second District Court late last week, contending that the Nevada Republican Executive Committee’s decision to appoint national delegates is in violation of State law NRS 293. Case number CV08-01978 and has been assigned.

“State law is clear. NRS 293 states that a convention must be held. The State Executive Committee has determined, following no rules or bylaws, that it does not need to complete the business of the convention and they cite some vague lack of interest. However, there was clearly a lot of interest on April 28th, when they walked out of the convention and turned the lights out on close to 1400 state delegates.”

The complaint alleges that the State Executive Committee’s decision is in violation of NRS 293, which states: “In addition to such powers granted it, the state convention shall select the necessary delegates and alternates to the national convention of the party”. The complaint has been filed by local attorney Mark Goodman on behalf of several Nevada State Republican delegates.

“The actions of the State Party have taken away the voice of every state delegate, the grassroots of the Republican party” said Terhune. “Over a thousand delegates attended the convention in April, and the State Executive party officials are attempting to silence all of them. My Republican party states that it is the party of law and order. Why has the executive committee of the state party decided to break the law?”

April 26th: State convention. RP on track to sweep all national delegates. State party abruptly recesses convention indefinitely stating that it will resume in a few days, runs out the back, turns lights out on 1350 state delegates who are left in bemusement
May: State party continues to claim it will resume convention. Inside sources state they have no such intention and will appoint all delegates
June: Wayne Terhune pays for a resumption of the convention on June 28, not sanctioned by the executive committee of the state party
June: state party surveys delegates to ask them to RSVP for the resumption fo the convention, asks if they want to do an (illegal) mail in ballot
June: state party announces July 26th as the date of the resumption of the convention, making the announcement 1 day after Wayne Terhune announces the resumption of the convention on June 28
June 28: all on film, the grassroots convention takes place, business of the convention completed, sine die called
July 17th: state party announces it will appoint all delegates
July 18th: state delegates sue state party.
  The big news is this, if the case is heard, there is a strong chance of success. It may be the first case EVER or in memory of winning against a state party in the west.

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