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A brief report on the John Stuart Homicide Trial

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Here is the latest on John Stuart's trials.  It isn't much.   I was correct in that the trial scheduled for August 25th on the false paperwork charge was going to be rescheduled.  It was.  But a guy who attended the hearing told me something interesting that occurred.  He literally was calling me as the plane doors were shutting in preparation for takeoff.  I will call him back to inquire further on what little he said, because I was surprised it came up in what was supposed to be a simple procedural hearing ... and the reason I did not bother to attend.

Prosecutor Charbel was forced to admit the County may not have a case, and requested a couple of more weeks to respond to a defense request.  May not have a case?! 
Like I said, this was solely manufactured by the County Attorney's people to revoke Stuart's bail permanently, cost him $23,000 in bond and get him back into the government's tender care.  I know Stuart is broke now ... hence the public legal defense assistance being provided, so even if charges were now dropped, I seriously doubt he can raise bail.  Which is probably why the County no longer seems to care about prosecuting the false paperwork charge. 

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This guy is a fellow patriot. He has not been convicted of any crime and yet he is being treated so unjustly. I have received communication from him and his spirits are really down. He needs our support!