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"Good Bye Liberty" by Chris Bliss (video)

Written by Chris Bliss Subject: Bill of Rights
Greed and corruption on Wall Street. The collapse of the housing market and a looming recession/depression. A trillion dollar war in Iraq. These are the big issues dominating headlines during this election. Yet one crisis underlying all these others is barely mentioned: the systematic erosion of our constitutional freedoms and principles.
In the space of a single administration, we’ve seen massive secret domestic surveillance programs, the gutting of habeas corpus, the spread of “free speech zones”, and the legalization of torture and rendition. When the top executives of our government cloak their abuses of power in a pathology of lies and secrecy, we shouldn’t be surprised to discover a kindred culture of deception flourishing on Wall Street.
The totality of this assault remains largely unexamined even as its effects continue to poison the wellsprings of our liberty and our prosperity. Accountability and transparency aren’t just free market principles. They are also the core of our system of checks and balances, of the democratic ideal, and of our values and identity as a people. Regardless of the election’s outcome, until individual Americans forcefully demand the rescue of our birthright, the country cannot recover.
In times of peril, our judgments cannot be better than our information. “Goodbye Liberty”, with an original soundtrack by Patrick Leonard (google him – you’ll be impressed), is a clear and concise video montage detailing how far down this slippery slope we’ve slid. A companion website,, has a list of sources, resources, and keywords for those inspired to look and act further.
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