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Arizona R3VOlUTIONARY launches radio show.

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Arizona R3VOlUTIONARY Oyate launched a radio show called "Screw You with Oyate" at 1:00 AM EST, 10/30/2008. Originally titled "Screw You" to coincide with a website project of similar name that never took off, the show was intended to cater to what Ron Paul referred to as the "principled non-voter" in statements before the National Press Club.
However, Oyate kept the name because he couldn't immediately think of another one, and since it's intended to be a late-night call-in show, the more provocative the name the better. Or so the logic goes. As such, callers whom Oyate recognizes and either likes, tolerates or despizes will be given top-prority for air time in this unique call-in show that hopes to incorporate humor, sattire and the frequently capricious wit of Oyate. "The producers of these networks know what they are getting into by giving me airtime" said Oyate in a recent interview with himself. "If you are involved in the patriot movement, put on your crash helmet, tune in and hold onto something solid" he said. "With any luck, we'll be talking to real live leftists" he continued.
As to the performance on his first show, Oyate seemed to get an overall "not too bad for a first try" kind of sentiment on the chat boards that accompany these broadcasts. There was some technical ineptitude, but overall the thing went down OK. Oyate expressed a unique editorial interest among his more purist libertarian contacts for the Screw You project: "everybody else is pushing liberty so I'll be somewhat of a fascist. Tolerance is cool, but others have that similarly covered. Similarly, being generally nice is a well represented art in both the hard left and hard right camps so I'll be a creep occasionally and I don't mind turning on anyone and anything right when they least expect it."
Oyate announced on his debut show that George Herbert Walker Bush will call into the next show but critics, noteably Oyate himself, are highly dubious. "I expect it's just another one of my gags, still, we'll just have to wait and see" said Oyate.
Asked for his summative points, Oyate indicated discomfort with interviewing himself and referring to himself in the third person, and promptly terminated the interview.
Tune and call in to the Screw You show Wednesdays at 1:00 AM EST at; 

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