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Alternative candidates Baldwin, Barr, Nader debated today.

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It's 4:00 PM EST and a last-minute broadcast effort by RevolutionBroadcasting, Restore The Republic Radio and TheyWillBeHeard will bring some alternative candidates together for debate. Pre-debate coverage has already begun on these web streaming channels.
Constitution Party Chuck Baldwin, Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barre and Independent Ralph Nader will be present.
Tune into one of the following for audio, maybe video and chat discussions.
In spite of some streaming issues the debate went very well. Rumor has it this debate will be rebroadcast tonight on C-SPAN.

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Comment by Frank Potras
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If only more people would wake up and see how the government is using them. It**Q**s just like they are playing the old lemmings game.

Comment by Ron Moss
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If we , as Ron Paul says, are really 60% of the voters, then if we vote for the constitutional Return, it could happen. Chuck Baldwin has promised to return that document to it**Q**s rightful place. That has my vote, for that reason.

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