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John Stuart Grand Jury Remand, Bail Hearing This Afternoon

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From Cindy: John Stuart has court on Monday November 10th at 1:30.  This is a very important hearing.  It is to remand his case back to the grand jury since they were lied to again the last time by the detective and prosecutor.  We should also hear weather the judge will sign the property bond for John's bail so he can post his bail and get out on bail.  Please come on Monday if you are able.  He really needs a good show of support.
This is modified from the past notice of the prior hearing.  Everything is still applicable:
John Stuart, who is fighting for his life for having defended himself and his then fiancée against a road raging drunk at an intersection in Arizona will have another "remand" hearing (PDF of motion from defense.  Please keep in mind the lawyers cannot make misstatements in this document to a judge.) this Monday at 1:30 p.m.  [Public welcome and encouraged to attend: Judge McMurdie, room 413, East court building (map) of Superior court, 101 W. Jefferson, Phoenix, AZ .]
If any of you can make it to this hearing we really appreciate it. While I am not optimistic that there will be a second remand, you never know what might occur until it does and a lot of people continuing to be present on John's side of the courtroom keeps sending a message to the state.]
The first remand hearing was interesting from the standpoint that information gets released that otherwise would remain for the trial.  This remand will be no different.

The first remand was successful in that the judge ordered the prosecutor to resubmit the evidence to a new grand jury with new instructions for their consideration.  That new grand jury reindicted Stuart for second degree murder and drive by shooting. 

The transcripts of that grand jury (PDF) hearing were released and the judge's instructions appear to have been ignored, the police officer who testified last time literally lies under oath to the jury this time (and last time too) and the prosecutor steers the jury away from questions they lawfully demand to get that reindictment.  Amazing to anyone who doesn't know that they will get away with it.  This ain't Hollywood.  It is the real world and how you can expect to be treated if you get arrested.

The autopsy report (PDF) is brought up in the grand jury testimony so I will finally include it here.


If anyone knows of a place where John can stay when he gets out before the beginning of next year, or of a job -- even a spot or temp job -- please contact me or Cindy Cantrell.  John may be found innocent, but he has been rendered penniless now, without a home or source of income and he will need to get started on getting his life back together soon during the holidays. We need to plan for this contingency now rather than later. If anyone has any ideas let us know.  Obviously, donations are still sought right now to keep John fed in jail, and your postcards addressed to John at the prison still bring hope to a dejected man. 

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I reported on the last "hearing" where the judge was supposed to resolve the above, but managed to avoid both reasons the hearing was called.