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Contempt Sentences Suspended for Lawn Furniture Scofflaw

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Ian Bernard (Freeman), host of Free Talk Live appeared in Keene, NH municipal court on Friday to answer a complaint regarding a couch on his tenant's lawn.  As reported, judge Eward Burke ordered him taken into custody within seconds and removed to a separate courtroom, where he received 90 days for three contempt charges and 3 days for the couch.
Now, the Keene courthouse is reporting that Bernard returned to court this morning and had the sentences suspended on the three contempt charges, though the charges stand.
The support for Bernard that blossomed over the weekend was tremendous.  Websites and sprung to life and chronicaled the various reports and information surrounding Friday's events.
It now appears that the original complaint about the couch was politically motivated, initiated by a Keene bureaucrat in response to questions posed to her by Bernard on WKBK's Talk Back radio show.
The scripted actions of court security in the video above and the harsh sentences may be evidence of a burgeoning backlash against Free Staters.  Two weeks ago, Lauren Canario was sentenced to 30 days for walking through a courthouse security checkpoint although the checkpoint was closed at the time.  The judge in that case compared Canario to Carl Drega.
Details about Bernard's release will most likely be sketchy until Bernard has an opportunity to describe his experience on Free Talk Live (7-10 pm ET, Mon-Sat). 

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Heat from a secret courtroom getting to the judge, eh? Guess you should practice Gestapo tactics in the sunlight for now, otherwise anyone can say anything and people believe it.

Soon they won't care what you think.