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We Must Fight This Fascist Red Light Camera Scam That Wantonly Invades Private Rights

Written by Edwin Sumcad Subject: Camera Fraud

      The marriage of convenience for profit between a private enterprise and the local government produces offspring of the underworld … a cadre of traffic enforcement officers we may aptly describe as Black Vultures we have to fight in court. 
     I am fighting one right now. 
      Here’s the first thing to do: Those issued red light camera traffic violation tickets must examine thoroughly the photographs of the alleged violation and notice some video tricks showing that you ran the red light when you did not.  
     The traffic enforcement department may be enforcing a quota of red light violation tickets as a result of this macabre marriage of convenience between the private traffic equipment operator and the city, to raise revenue, and for its private business partner in crime, to rip you off. 
      We the people must fight this conscienceless swindle, one of the worst practices of fascism perpetrated by the conspiracy of a profiteering corporation and the local government in violating the  citizens’ right under the Fifth Amendment.  The court has to determine when a regulation becomes an arbitrary taking, in this case through traffic ticketing! 
      Here’s your clue: “[T]here is ‘no set formula’ and that courts ‘must look to the particular circumstances of the case.’ ” 
     But in many cases “the Court has identified some relevant factors to consider: the economic impact of the regulation, the degree to which the regulation interfere[s] [in this case the motorist’s expectation], and the character of the government action.” [(1) Doug Linder, Exploring Constitutional Law, 2008.] 
     In El Cajon City, Southern California, 300 to 400 red light camera citation tickets are issued per month. Every year, it rips off citizens approximately $1,924,800. The cost per ticket ranges from $301 to $401 plus other fees. The private partner in crime takes a big bite out of it! 
     It interferes with the individual’s constitutional freedom of locomotion. There is a fear of driving through an intersection where there is a vulture red light camera that motorists avoid, afraid that it would click a picture of the vehicle even though the driver stops at the red light. 
     This is the case that I am currently fighting in court. I stopped on red light. The photograph shows that I did stop right before the red light line. But when showed a video of the alleged violation, the car was in motion as if it did not stop on red light. [underscored] There is no doubt that the video was “rigged”. Any ordinary video operator can distort the picture into appearing that the car did not stop for the purpose of issuing a violation ticket.      

      Use the digital photo you received against the ticketing Black Vulture. The photo is primary evidence, while the video is only secondary evidence.

      What the enforcing officer probably forgot [he did not see in the photograph] that I have a witness riding with me during this incident who is executing an affidavit under oath, that we stopped on the red light line before we turned right on the red light. 
     Furthermore, the car shown in the video that was turning right was under a GREEN ARROW protection. The vehicles turning left on the opposite direction were moving under a green arrow, while we were turning right under the traffic protection of that green arrow. 
     I think this time I have a good chance of catching a thief -- the traffic officer who is reading the photographs engaged in issuing traffic violation red light scam tickets for profit. He is either so stupid or so ignorant of traffic rules and driving regulations if not just in the motion of issuing red light tickets as instructed to raise revenue. 
     Under the contract, the private business that contracts its traffic camera equipment to the city, processes the photograph/video, and the traffic enforcement officer issues the violation ticket based on what the partner in crime “produces”. The innocent motorist is “cooked” in a scam. It cost those who did not contest the scam, $2.00 million a year in a small city like El Cajon, here in Southern California. 
      Most important to consider when fighting the Black Vultures of fascism in court that are profitably engaged in this clandestine operation, is the admissibility of evidence that the traffic red light camera creates. In San Diego, Superior Court Judge Ronald Styn threw away [wastebasketed] nearly 300 citation tickets because “the evidence obtained from the red light camera system [was] so untrustworthy and unreliable …” 
      I never condone violating electronically operated red light devices that regulate an orderly traffic. Violators should not get away with it if they violate traffic regulations. The horrors of accidents they cause resulting in instant deaths, is so terrifying to contemplate. Those monsters of the road should be banished to Hell where they belong. 
     But the worst nightmare resulting from this blatantly exposed traffic enforcement scam perpetrated throughout the country is when you wake up in the morning the next day to find out that you no longer live in America it used to be.  #

  © Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. access November 24, 2008. 
   The writer is an award-winning journalist. Know more about the author by reading his published editorials and feature articles or you may e-mail your comment at



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Comment by Ed Price
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1. Keep the traffic laws.
2. Get rid of ALL punishment for breaking traffic laws, except when ...
3. such breaking of the law produces some form of bodily harm or property damage, and then ...
4. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, life for life, property for property.
5. Insurance is only there to protect the victim if the person who caused the accident cannot pay for the damage/injury personally. He still has to work it off for the insurance company.
6. Government gets nothing extra for their role in the whole thing. Government's pay comes out of taxes and license fees only.

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