Article Image Freedom**Q**s Phoenix Owner Ernest Hancock and Ed Vallejo at the END THE FED Rally in Phoenix 11-22-

Phoenix Area Activists Meet To Discuss Issues and Actions 12-10-2008

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There are some people in Phoenix that aren't happy.
They know Life in America just isn't what it used to be - and they see things that are WRONG happening around them, and have been attempting to wake up their fellow Citizens that have been lulled into submission by The Powers That Be - aided in general by a Mass Media that has been purchased out of the 'investigative journalism' business long ago.
We have been forced to become our own media.
If there are issues that you are aware of that you KNOW are detrimental to our Beloved Constitutional Republic (just explaining that phrase and how far away from it we are getting is a PRIME example) and want to talk about it with others, and even DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, then PLEASE come and see what some Phoenicians have been doing about it for the last year-and-a-half or longer.
We will be meeting at the Knock Kneed Lobster Restaurant located on the Northeast corner of 32nd Street and Washington in Phoenix.  We meet in the large dining area in the Southwest corner of the building.  Norma is the Manager and a Member! 
Dinner is at 6:00 p.m., and the Meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.  Come for one or both - we'd love to talk with you and tell you what we've done, and what we are continuing to do to reverse the 'downward spiral' our Country is currently experiencing.
Ed Vallejo, Organizer