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Marriage Freedom: Love, not Law!!

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The marriage ceremony is a spiritual joining ritual that celebrates an emotional bond. Some faiths have other names for this ritual, and people of no faith use it by default. But all have one thing in common: they celebrate something that the State has no power over... Love.
Marriage licensing, on the other hand, has never been about love. It has always been about controlling property. The modern marriage license grants power to the state in over 1100 different ways to control your property. They are sold to you as "rights"... but they are more aptly described as "intrusions".

We have an opportunity right now while the marriage debate is open, to ask for what we REALLY want - to abolish the marriage license completely - and maybe even get it. But if we wait for the state to recognize gay marriages or civil unions, which it most likely will, then the institution will be that much more entrenched.

The last thing I want to do to somebody I love, is expose them to the enforcement branch of this psychopathic government. Every individual has the right to pursue happiness without permission. This includes the right to form a stable, long-term pair bond with another consenting adult, and establish a household.
They already screw with straight people AND their kids, why would gay people want it too? Together, we should ALL be telling the government, we don't need your stinking permission, and we don't want it.
Equal in freedom, not equal in chains. Abolish the marriage license, today!!
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