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Terri Bressi ( has just been pulled over @ Mile marker 146+ E State Route 86 just past border patrol checkpoint.
Terri called me as he was being pulled over.
A Tribal officer (Tohono Odom) rcarrasco tribal police #166
"Why have you stopped me?"
First the Tribal Officer refused and then soon after said that Terri was impeding traffic ????

The tribal officer has stopped Terri off of the Reservation where he only has jurisdiction if properly documented to be able to act as an agent of the State (something like that - I remember this being a very big deal in Terri's legal actions before). Soon the Border Patrol would pull up behind the Tribal officer and is now insisting that Terri ID himself.
As is Terri's SOP, he refused to ID himself at the Check point that is located 40 miles north of the US/Mexico border and west of Tucson about 30 miles. Terri often travels this stretch of highway for his employment when he travels to Kitt Peak where he does his Telescope observations keeping us informed of Asteroids that might intersect with Earth's orbit.
December 2002 Terri Bressi experienced the full force of government's plan for the future of America and the resulting lawsuit revealed a great deal about what to expect.

Now the Tribal Officer has gone to the back of the vehicle to confer with Border Agents now on scene. The Border Agents have taken off their name tags and are now insisting that Terri Bressi ID himself (they know who he is... unless this is a batch of new guys). They have just threatened Terri with arrest...
"If you do not ID yourself you will be arrested" 4:19pm Saturday December 20th 2008.

Terri has given them his ID. But the officers will not ID themselves.
Of note is the fact that they let him through the checkpoint,... again. But had a new Tribal Officer stop him, off of the reservation where he has no Tribal jurisdiction, but he likely has been given authority under state law to stop him and is now liable as an Arizona officer and no longer has Tribal immunity. Stop was for "impeding traffic" ??? (see you at trial).
Terri has set the phone down as he is also trying to videotape the event for his website.
I hear an officer (don't know which one) asking Terri if he wants to sign a traffic ticket he is being presented with.... Terri just went out of the vehicle to video all of their license plates... he's back.
Terri has been told that he can go on his way... now a State Police officer is on scene. Terri doesn't want to leave until he knows that he won't be pulled over immediately again by the State Police.
Now he is getting out of the vehicle again to take video of the State Police officer and his car... (posting what I have so far NOW... back with updates in a moment...)


The Tribal Police officer told Terri to get back into his car and Terri asked if he was required to?.. "Yes, I am giving you an order". Earlier Terri was told that he didn't have to. The Tribal Officer immediately left with just the Border Patrol and the State Police (DPS - Department of Public Safety) left. Whatever was going to happen Terri wanted it to happen then and there while he wouldn't be so isolated.
Now Terri is on his merry way.
(I'm sure that Terri will update us soon)


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Terri is a damned hero.