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Bob Schulz in Phoenix this Friday - Continental Congress 2009

Written by Subject: Constitution
Bob Schulz, Founder of We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education is currently on a Nationwide Tour to explain the Delegate Selection Criteria & Process for the upcoming CONTINENTAL CONGRESS 2009 that is being put together for later this year, and he will be here in Phoenix this Friday night at 7:00 p.m. at our Monthly Meeting venue - The Knock Kneed Lobster Restaurant located at 32nd Street and Washington. He will be giving a Power-Point presentation and then having a question and answer session, as well as general discussion on the entire matter.

Bob has requested that all attendees read the following two updates regarding this event:
Summit Call
The People Draw the Line in the Sand
Here is Bob's Schedule:
Come early for a good seat - it should be a packed house!

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