Article Image The Common Sense Show Asks Jim Marrs if Facism Has Come to America?

Tonight, The Common Sense Show Interviews Jim Marrs

Written by Subject: Philosophy: Fascism
In a sure-to-be landmark show, renowned media figure and best selling author, Jim Marrs, appears on The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges on Sunday night, January 11th. The show airs from 9-11pm Central (8-10pm Mountain).


Jim Marrs many great books including best selling book Crossfire which was adapted into the Oliver Stone’s movie JFK in which Jim served as the chief movie consultant. Jim has also written Sworn to Secrecy, 911 Inside Job, Terror Conspiracy and The Alien Agenda. Jim is one of the most sought after speakers and talk show radio guests in America and around world.  


On the next program, Jim will be discussing his New York Times best selling book, The Rise of the Fourth Reich in which Jim will be comparing the rise of Third Reich in 1930’s Nazi Germany to the Rise of the Fourth Reich in contemporary America. Jim’s parallels are well-documented and bone-chilling. Jim’s interview will run from 930-11pm  (Central). 


In the first half hour of the show, Dave will be joined by Annie DeRiso in her weekly Under the Radar segment of the show in which Annie will be presenting the unreported or the under-reported news stories covering the last week.


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