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Everyone is scared but the hippies.

Written by Subject: Off Grid Living - Survival Prepping
Our movement is pretty neat right? We have every different kind of talent and skill. We can raise millions of dollars, we can mobilize 10,000 in any city of our choosing. Self sufficiency is a high art to us. But we also represent every income bracket. Some of us look upon the future with trepidation. Some of us look ahead and say "I wonder if I'll be able to take care of my family".
Well, it happens that we're still a new movement. There's another, older one that has some tricks up it's sleeve. They specialize in doing more with less. They seem to be able to survive and thrive anywhere, in the harshest of circumstances and they do it voluntarily. They call themselves Rainbows.
One thing Rainbows excel at is feeding large amounts of people in primitive environments. Since hurricaine Katrina, many of them have transformed themselves into ad-hoc emergency management agencies. Here are a couple short YouTubes which will give you the idea. I'll give you the short one first.
Pretty swanky mobile kitchen huh? Remember, these folks put together their resources and they build stuff like this.
Here's a stationary project, a much larger scale operation. It shows how these folks can integrate with the community to offer services where nobody else seems to be able to get it together.
Not bad for a bunch of hippies, huh? Look at this. We could do this people. We have the skills, we have the know-how. And come major economic depression, many of us might have nothing better to do. Already I'm getting emails from patriot families who got laid off or who are otherwise struggling.
I've written before about developing a series of "republican hippie communes" and how we might use them to protect our people. I think it's time. I think we need to look at some of these other groups for what they can teach us. We shouldn't be victims of the times. We should improve them for ourselves and each other.
This last one is quite different. It speaks to how we might find motivation to do these kinds of things. It speaks to the long term mission and how we can find continuing hope not just in the face of challenge, but fully expecting and preparing for future challenge.
I hope these positive examples encourage all of us to think in creative ways, to resist fear and to learn how to work together. Each of us has something to contribute. Don't be afraid to take initiative and don't be afraid to get in touch with me. We're growing.