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It's Not Their Debt!

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
Billboard 1 of 2-4 14'x48'
Freeway billboards that go up the week of January 26th. (A Week earlier than planned, so we'll just see what happens for a little bit :)

Billboard 2 of 2-4 14'x48'

To contribute to the effort -
We just reopened the r3VOLution Workshop Thursday,… and got straight to work.
We’re going national… again :) -
We are setting up the website now for any and everyone to have access to our graphics and to make others available as they come in.
And,… Here…. We…. GO!

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Can I get the LOCATIONS of the billboards so THE R3VOLUTION will know where to go and STAND UNDER THEM WITH THE BANNERS to accentuate them and draw as much attention to them as possible? To be able to hand out flyers and answer questions and HAVE FUN being non-violent and educational.

Ed Vallejo
The Ron Paul and his Campaign for Liberty = R3VOLUTION Phoenix Meetup Group
Arizona Coordinator

pissed-off human

Comment by Barry Hess
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I'll head down to the Army Surplus to pick up a helmut for you....this is too true, clear and obvious for "them" to ignore. Advice: Stay low and keep your equipment in good working order.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Are they doing in utero bar coding yet? The kid already owes $400,000 and it ain't even born. Hate for he/she not to be traceable so it can't pay its fair share.

Comment by Heather Gray
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Hey, I'm 6 months pregnant right now, I'll need one of these on a t-shirt, and some babywear later ;)

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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I think that'll come up :)

Of course others are free to do _anything_ they wish. This particular campaign has a specific objective. Once that is accomplished then we'll move on to others. If it takes more than 90 days (likely in less than 30) then we did it wrong. But I don't start such projects unless I already know I succeeded before I even spend a dime.

Start your stop watch... this won't take long :)

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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It ain`t the kids.
It`s the parents.The question should be:Why have you done this to me Daddy,Moma?
You say you love me..yet!! look what you have done to me.
I`m afraid Daddy,please help me.