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Farewell To The Chimp

Written by Subject: Bush Administration
These are from a Yahoo poster from years back called TallGirlWithGuitar. The world may never see them again.
To those who would keep, in Guantanamo,
Some who are guiltless, I wanna know:
If Saddam Hussein
Himself, did the same,
Would you say he's a saint, or he's gotta go?


As your budget's increasingly hurtin',
Remember that one thing's for certain:
Your tax is at work
Enriching a jerk
Who lines pockets at Halliburton.


So George Bush is finally rebuffed
By the people and Congress; well, tough.
Campaigning was sleazy,
The poll-rigging, easy
It's staying in office that's rough.


And now, time has come to reveal
Bush just stole all those rich oil fields
And he lied to us all.
Now Sean, Rush, Ann, et al.,
Can't spin anything but their own wheels

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Comment by Powell Gammill (1004)
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This is soooooo disrespectful . . . to chimps.