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FreedomsPhoenix Workshop Open House Friday 16th

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The FreedomsPhoenix r3VOLution Workshop schedule for January 13th thru January 18th
We got the keys Thursday the 8th and have already moved in the equipment and some building supplies. Over the weekend we were able to produce dozens of “It's Not My Debt” banners in time for the opening of the Arizona Legislative session. Also, constructed their impressive press conference set. Power, Phone, Internet, HVAC, and other activities have had my full attention. Volunteers have been busy getting ready to,... get ready. Now we can schedule some activities.
We also need some things to make ourselves more productive (list at end of post)
Tuesday 13th – Clean & Organize from past weekend's events and move in.
Wednesday 14th – I'll be at the Workshop from 11am – 9pm doing some construction.
Thursday 15th – Those not working on CameraFraud sign production at Tom's are welcome to join other activists at the workshop producing the “Not My Debt” banners.
Friday 16th– sign wave then...
Friday 16th 6pm Open House at the Workshop SW Corner of Indian School & 7th Ave. (In Back)
Saturday 17th – Construction at Workshop
Sunday 18th – Cardinal's Playoff Game provides 10's of Thousands of minds to free :) (Stay Tuned)
Needed Goodies:
Shelving – Storage Cabinets – Chairs and Stools – Desks - Tables – Conference Table – Garbage Cans – Trash Bags – Refrigerator – Microwave – Audio/Visual Component Racks – Lumber 2x4's/2x6's and Plywood - Drywall.
We are building video production sets and walls to enclose an area for an editing suite and radio podcasting – Live Video Internet feed of Workshop - Print shop equipment is in place and Saturday we are building storage and dividing walls for print shop – Completion of “Not My Debt” website.
Acrylic Latex paint in bulk (Black is primary color and some Red) – Zip Ties – Paper for Printing (8.5x 11 & 11x17 these can be surplus from print supplies for cheap)
The primary mission for this effort, and the Billboards that go up on Phoenix freeways starting the 2nd of February, is focused on the educating of individual minds about the run away spending, debt & tyranny that is to be left for future generations by those claiming the power to do so. Other actions deemed necessary by individuals are their individual responsibility. We are focusing on peaceful defiance,... with attitude and some fun.

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Comment by Ernest Hancock (1003)
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No Address :) - SW corner of 7th Ave & Indian School in the back of the complex.

Comment by Ducati Jeanne (13897)
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This sounds great. I will be there.

Comment by Jim Kaiser (15367)
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