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The Rise of the 4th Reich

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If one is seeking to understand how America has arrived in the place that it finds itself today, then by all means, forget everything that you think you know about our history, trash the approved textbooks, and most of all, totally ignore the corporate controlled mainstream media. In The Rise of the Fourth Reich, Jim Marrs (author) reveals the truth about American power as his book explores the real possibility that the United States is becoming the Nazi version of the Fourth Reich which is the continuation of Hitler’s ideology thought to have been extinguished more than 60 years ago.
On January 11th, on The Common Sense Show, I interviewed one of the most interesting and best selling authors of our time, Jim Marrs, about many of the ideas contained in his explosive new book, The Rise of the 4th Reich, The book details how the Nazi’s exported their technology and ideology across the planet during the final days of World War II through thousands of front companies funded by European loot seized in the early days of World War II. Marrs further exposed the complicit participation of many notable Americans in the building and maintenance of the Nazi empire including Allan Dulles (former head of the CIA until fired by JFK), John Foster Dulles (former secretary of State under Eisenhower) and even Prescott Bush, father of Bush 41, who was tried for violating the “Trading with the Enemies Act” due to his business entanglements with Nazi front companies such as IG Farben et al.


Marrs also maintains that the Nazi’s took over the operations of the Muslim Brotherhood which morphed into the CIA-backed Mujahideen (i.e., Afghan freedom fighters fighting against Soviet invaders in 1979 led by Osama Bin Laden) which later became known as the infamous al Qaeda. As one follows the Marrs chain of custody of many present day terrorist groups, it is easy to understand why conspiracy theories abound related to the events of 911. According to Marrs, following World War II, as the OSS was transformed into the CIA, the “agency” inherited control over the roots of many present-day terrorist groups. Marrs cast serious doubt as to who is really controlling the terrorist empire and what their goals truly consist of.



In the interview, Marrs maintains that the allies may have defeated the German army, but failed to defeat the Nazi’s as he revealed that following World War II, the United States government brought captured Nazi scientists and medical personnel to the United States to work along side with American scientists and doctors in Operation Paperclip. This unholy association led to some of the most bizarre and frightening experiments conducted on unsuspecting American populations such as the infamous and draconian MKULTRA mind control and drug experiments.


Marrs makes a compelling argument that Nazi philosophy is spreading through our present government. It is hard to argue that the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act of 2006 are not shining examples of Marrs’ accusations which have served to centralize power in a manner which parallels 1933 Nazi Germany.


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