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Although I am a member of your association (only because I have to
be), I do not agree with any of the socialistic agenda you support and
try to promote thru our Congress. Wake Up - where does it ever say in
our founding documents that the government is supposed to hold
everybody's hand and bail them out when they make bad decisions??


Donna Hancock

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Subject: How to Revive our Economy and Our Communities
Date: Wed, February 04, 2009 8:03 am

Dear Fellow REALTOR®,

I know many of you continue to struggle with difficult market conditions. As we head into February, the government continues to move at a rapid pace to address problems in the economy and the real estate market.

The latest edition of my President's Podcast provides two important updates:

First, nearly all of the housing provisions we have been promoting in Washington, D.C., are included in the new economic stimulus package that is currently being considered in Congress.

Second, NAR has launched a substantial new grant program for state associations. The funds will help create new housing opportunities and address a critical shortage in affordable workforce housing.

For more details on both fronts, listen to the entire podcast.

I will continue to provide you with regular updates on our progress. In the meantime, visit the Unlock the Economy page on for the latest news and developments.

For more ideas on how you can help create new housing opportunities in your communities, please also visit the Housing Opportunity section on our web site. Our work in this area is more important now than ever before.

On behalf of your 2009 Leadership Team and everyone at NAR, I appreciate your hard work on behalf of your communities and those we serve. Times are hard, but thanks to members like you, we are making progress on some very tough issues. I sincerely believe we will end 2009 on a very positive note.

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Charles McMillan, CIPS, GRI
2009 NAR President

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Comment by Keith Cyrnek (13684)
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The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) that I was a member of from 2002-2005 lobbies hard for the Medical Industrail Complex money.

It is a scam upon our youth to keep creating debt via Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare part D.

I spoke (March '08) with the former Cheif Comptroller of the Government Accountability Office, David Walker when he addressed the Chandler-Gilbert C.C. audience regarding the Medical Industrial Complex.

The past two generations have continued to load debt upon the following generations. It will eventually stop one way or another.