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Arizona seeks to re instate the 2nd and 10th Amendments

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Arizona bills that all freedom lovers should support
We have three very important bills that are coming before the
legislature this year that need your support, two of these being twin
bills, one for the House and the other for the Senate.

I'll go over the twin bills first.

HCR2024 in the House and SCR1038 in the Senate is our first step in
getting the Federal government back under control. These bills let
congress know that we will no longer put up with their violation of
the 9th and 10th amendments to the Constitution which let them know
that they can't do anything not delegated to them in the US
Constitution. If they continue to ignore this contract (the US
, we will have to, as a state, take action to enforce the contract.

Since the states have gone so long ignoring the contract, we thought
this warning that we would not do so any more, would be a courteous
first step in restoring our Republic. We will be the 4th state to take
such a step.

You can read the text of these resolutions here:
http://www.azleg. gov/FormatDocume nt.asp?inDoc= /legtext/ 49leg/1r/ bills/scr1038p. htm
http://www.azleg. gov/FormatDocume nt.asp?inDoc= /legtext/ 49leg/1r/ bills/hcr2024p. htm

Our other important bill to restore freedom in our state is SCR1005.
President Bush signed an executive order that put the National Guard
under his direct authority, breaking long established precedence of
having to go through the governors of the states to activate each
guard. This usurpation of our states ability to defend itself along
with our new Presidents stated plans to create a new national police
force, as well as provisions in the US Constitution, this bill to
create a Guard for the State of Arizona is essential to the
preservation of freedom in this state.

You can read the text of this bill here:
http://www.azleg. gov/FormatDocume nt.asp?inDoc= /legtext/ 49leg/1r/ bills/scr1005p. htm

We need everyone's support for these bills to make it through. Here is
what we need all of you and those in your sphere of influence to do:

1. Politely contact each of your State (NOT FEDERAL) Senators and
Representatives and urge their support for these bills. You can look
up who your reps are here:
http://azleg. gov/alisStaticPa ges/HowToContact Member.asp

2. Politely contact the leadership of both the House and the Senate
and urge them to use their influence to get these bills heard in
committee and brought to a floor vote in a timely manner. Their
contact info is as follows:

Senate President: Robert "Bob" Burns phone: 602-926-5993 email:
rburns@azleg. gov
President Pro Tempore Thayer Verschoor phone 602- 926-4136 email:
tverschoor@azleg. gov
Majority Leader: Chuck Gray phone: 602-926-5288 email: cgray@azleg. gov
Majority Whip: Pamela Gorman phone: 602-926-5284 email: pgorman@azleg. gov

Speaker: Kirk Adams phone: 602- 926-5495 email kadams@azleg. gov
Speaker Pro Tempore Steven Yarbrough phone: 602-926-5863 email:
syarbrough@azleg. gov
Majority Whip: Andrew Tobin phone: 602- 926-5172 atobin@azleg. gov
Majority Leader: John McComish phone: 602-926-5898 jmccomish@azleg. gov

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for all you do for



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Comment by Bryan Turner
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Sorry about that folks. I went back and fixed the links, they should work for everyone now.

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When I tried the links, my Norton anti-virus said that the site had a problem with it's authentication (even though I could go to the site anyway if I choose). I also noted that the URL wasn't a straight-through to the site indicated - it was a re-direct from which might be a problem for some, but not for Bryan. Here is the direct link to the Resolution:

Comment by Bryan Turner
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Not sure what you are talking about. They work fine when I click on them. If they still don't work, try copy and pasting.

I don't know what to say, they work when I click on them.

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None of the links I tried in this article worked. Can you please take the time to verify them and not just cut and paste and let winblows mangle them to no end? Thanks.