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Hanging By Public Acclamation: Are We To Hang All Our Presidents?

Written by Edwin Sumcad Subject: Obama Administration

       I raise this question if we must hang our presidents after run-of-the-mill government stalkers in Congress pressured President Barack Hussein Obama to investigate Bush and VP Dick Cheney of the alleged “war crimes” they have committed while in office, and if found guilty, to be hanged by the neck.

       My real concern is not on the political aspect of what appears to be a vengeful “witch hunt”. Politicians can fry on their own lard for all I care.  But hundreds of thousands of our intelligence agents and homeland security officers nationwide not to include the entire U.S. Armed Forces, obeyed President Bush’s order as their Commander-In-Chief, and kept us alive to this day while the war on terror intensified.  They willfully participated in this alleged “crime against humanity”  to defeat terror and keep us alive.

      Obama’s ax-wielders in black toga and Nancy Pelosi’s political Dobermans in Congress – by the way, one of the most ferocious of them all that smelled blood was Cong. John Conyers, Jr. of the House Judiciary Committee -- stand on the rock of this legal maxim they touted that those who violated the law must be persecuted ... I mean prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

      Does this mean then that those thousands of intelligence and homeland security officers and all the soldiers that participated in this alleged “war crimes”, must also be “investigated”  and if found guilty must be hanged by the neck until dead?

     The legal premise advocated in going after Bush -- the 43rd President of the United States -- is that he is accused of committing “crime against humanity”.

     And this is where I am worried to death:  We have fought so many wars.  Winning them shaped our destiny. U.S. presidents – the Commanders-In-Chief, if you may – who led those wars have been accused of committing “war crimes” and “genocides”  both by external enemies we have vanquished and by the enemy within who thinks that the Federal Government is actually Al Qaeda, and President Bush was actually Osama bin Laden in disguise behind the “Conspiracy Theory”  who engineered the 9/11 infamy!

     Does this also mean then that U.S. presidents who are still alive today, together with former presidents Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Bush, Sr. and George W. Bush, must also be “investigated”, and if found guilty, must be hanged by the neck until dead?

     If not, why not? Those who violate the law must be prosecuted and punished to the “fullest extent of the law”, isn’t it?.

     Tell me if for the first time in history, we will see for the first time, the hanging of presidents under Obama’s socialist regime of change …  a change, indeed [and please help us understand] I know not what and where, it is leading us to.

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Comment by Edwin Sumcad (15723)
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Oh, boy, you are right for this crowd … you are saying it smartly! Hope not too deep for this crowd.

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Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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Has anyone actually made a case for hanging by public acclamation? Especially here? I mean, that sounds a little "democratic" for this crowd.

Comment by Edwin Sumcad (15723)
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Upon review, the Author pointed out a typo error. The first line of the last paragraph you just read, should read: "The best venue to tackle these disturbing questions, is"