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Part III. Economic Recovery By Hanging

Written by Edwin Sumcad Subject: Depression
       If we hang all “war criminals”, economic recovery will be easy and swift.  But it is not the way you think it is.

       First we must establish by what criteria are we to judge who those “war criminals” to hang are.  Second we must determine what legal maxim are we to use to “investigate” the subject before hanging if found guilty.

       The Obama administration is going after President George W. Bush for alleged “war crimes” committed whether or not it is real or even if imagined, but better if it is real.  He stands accused as a “war criminal” after allegedly committing “crimes against humanity”.

       Since thousands of soldiers who obeyed the orders of their Commander-In-Chief are the ones who committed those “war crimes” for Bush, they fall under the category of “war criminals” if we use the mandate of law Obama’s legal hatchet men rely on.

       Our former still living presidents have been accused of “war crimes” and “genocide”, and they too may be “investigated” as “war criminals” no different from Bush if such is the case.

       The legal maxim adhered to in this investigation campaign is that anyone who violates the law must be prosecuted and if found guilty must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

       This applies to “war crimes”. Since war crimes are high crimes, the punishment “to the fullest extent of the law”, is hanging by the neck until dead [Ref Saddam Hussein, War Crime II].

       All of these are discussed in details in War Crime I [read also War Crime II at FP. com’s homepage banner stories]. Let’s identify all of these merely as Ref for brevity.

       In the above-stated Ref you read, the number of “war criminals” to hang if found guilty is huge.  They include members of Congress and the military as “Bush’s accomplices” [Ref].  Since death by hanging is massive, the rope manufacturing industry and the funeral homes and funeral services industries are greatly benefited.

      Recorded highest number of U.S. troops in Iraq during the Surge was162,000.  The shipment value of hanging ropes needed would rise by about .02% -- $8.1 million by rounding the figure.

      Funeral homes and funeral services have an annual total receipt of $10.0 billion. This will increase to $11.62 billion.

      But the economics of dying nationwide is estimated worth the staggering amount of $641.62 billion per annum after adding those to die by hanging. A total of 264,633 jobs were created.

      All the above job and dollar figures of the industries cited were collated from the results of the national 2002 economic census.

      Assume that Obama needs Congress to approve a $850.0 billion bailout package for economic recovery.  The combined total amounts of money created in rope manufacturing, funeral homes and funeral services industries alone if we hang “war criminals” that the Obama-Pelosi Dobermans in Congress had so far identified, 75.5% of the financial infusion needed is already fully subscribed.

      One of the fastest means for economic recovery is by hanging. The campaign to investigate Bush for “war crimes” is not just what anyone thinks it is! #

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