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CONTEST: Jim Bovard's New Book needs a Title

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(Jim Bovard hopes that you will forward this offer to your lists to get as many ideas as possible. From the Front Page Headline box for this article you can "email to a friend" this article to as many people as you wish from your own lists)

I am finishing up a new book and am seeking suggestions for a snappy book title.

The book's essays deal with the fraud of idealism, how truth is perverted in Washington, the political sanction for mass killing, why power corrupts, Leviathan-loving intellectuals, the fatal myths of democracy, and other cheery topics. My tentative title is "Principles & Paradigms: How Politicians Con Citizens Into Submission." But my hunch is that the title could be better.

Ideally, the title would be both hard hitting and zippety. In the past, I've been a pushover for alliteration (Fair Trade Fraud, Farm Fiasco, Bush Betrayal, Terrorism & Tyranny). Alternatively, the title would be a phrase that sticks in people's memories - such as Lost Rights, Freedom in Chains, or Attention Deficit Democracy.

The person who suggests the winning title will receive $100 and will be mentioned in the book's acknowledgments. (Second prize is two mentions in the acknowledgments).

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Thanks for the help!
Jim Bovard