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Letter to the Editor - "Why Were We Not Mentioned Here (in the media)?"

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Ladyfyre writes:
Good Afternoon Everyone!
First I'd like to thank everyone who protested yesterday in Mesa, it was great to meet those I had not met before, meet up with old friends.. and even make new friends! It was exciting and exhilarating all around. How fantastic it was to see SO MANY people who think and feel as we do about this whole Washington mess. Some of us didn't know the others were there (gotta fix that), so we were pretty spread out. Even so, I'm sure we all had a wonderful experience! I don't want anyone to feel they let us down (I know from emails that some do), because as P.J. O’Rourke once said (paraphrasing) "Conservatives (republicans) usually don't have really well-attended rallies because they have to work" I couldn't agree more, and would also add that we have responsibilities too. With the economy the way it is now, no one can afford to lose a job! There are many ways to resist and we here to cover them all!

A number of us were interviewed yesterday by newspaper and TV reporters, including myself. However in checking today I find very little coverage of the protest. Needless to say the MSM were awol again (surprised?), but you'd think there would have be a whole lot more considering the sheer numbers. Cheryl, you got your sign published! Tim you too.. along with some quotes! (see below) Way to go guys!! Quite a few were interviewed as a matter of fact, yet there are scarce quotes from protesters published (that I can find anyway). If anyone comes across anything, please forward it to me? I have collected a lot of photos and will be compiling them (I hope) into video slides when (and if) I ever get the time.
I hear we WERE news on Drudge and Rush today too!!! Thanks for the feedback and kudos ColdWarrior!

As for my own interviews I wish I had access to ASU video reports and whatever Flagstaff television station interviewed me, plus whoever the paper reporters were that I talked to... I'd know how I did ! (chuckle). Lesson learned, always ask for a business card!

There is so much to talk about that I learned much so that I'd need a newsletter, so I'll have to settle for a little bit at a time, over time.

It took no less than FOUR "reporters" at to mess up the truth about Obama's visit to Mesa yesterday. Full article can be see here:

(AZCENTRAL) - "The ticketed members of Obama's audience were all inside the gym by 8:30 a.m., while several hundred people stood outside on either side of Guadalupe Road in front of the school to either hail the President or protest against him"

"About 300 to 400 well-wishers stood for several hours alongside the south side of Guadalupe, closer to the school, with signs that either supported Obama or condemned Sheriff Joe Arpaio"

(ME) - REALLY? What about the hundreds of protesters condemning Obama in that area ALONE? Why were we not mentioned here? I'll TELL you why not. Because these so-called reporters didn't want to tell the truth, that the majority of the people at that location were Obama protesters, with few Obama supporters and approximately 30 Arpaio protesters. The truth is, there were at least 600 (minimum) of us (overall) if not more! To say this so called news report is biased, contradictory and inaccurate would be putting it mildly.

Example: There were a small group of immigrants dressed in prison stripes with the words "NOT SENTENCED YET" painted on their shirts, protesting Sheriff Arpaio. They were "chained" together with plastic chains and handcuffs.... no more than 20 of them. They AND their friends numbered no more than 35.

(AZCENTRAL) - "Across the road from the school, about 150 protestors shouted chants and waved signs protesting Obama's economic stimulus plan"

(ME) - Bruce Jacobs from KFYI, Arizona Right to Life (AzRTL), the Sonoran Alliance, JD Hayworth (R) AZ, Ron Paul, and the Arizona Patriots Resistance were represented -- on BOTH sides of the street and for some distance in either direction. I am sure there were even more groups represented but I don't have all the information yet. In point of fact there were very few Obama supporters present, and NONE of the reports I have read so far mention any of us.

(AZCENTRAL) - "As early as 7 a.m., signs reflecting the sentiments of both groups dotted the crowd of about 1,000 people who had gathered in front of Dobson High"

"Peaceful protestors held signs that read things like "You can't spend your way out of debt" and "Stimulate the economy: Give me a house and a trip to the Bahamas"

(ME) - Clearly, these "reporters" don't care to admit the extent of the protest and undermine it every chance they get, as you can see from the next sentence, they all but apologize for having to mention it at all! Some of the signs were the result of Bruce' request to protesters to show up with signs demanding handouts they'd like.

(AZ Central) - But most of the signs protested Sheriff Joe Arpaio's crackdown on illegal immigration.

(ME) This is a blatant and preposterous lie. It was obvious to anyone who was there it was the Obama protesters who had the most signs.

(AZCENTRAL) - Just after sunrise, five people from a protest group called Immigrants Without Borders unfurled a huge canvas sign with red letters that protested Sheriff Joe Arpaio's campaign against undocumented immigrants. The sign read: "Mr. President, Stop Joe. Arpaio destroys families."

(ME) - A plug for Arpaio condemnation and immigrant support. Incidentally, did you know there is a 30,000 March planned by immigrants for April?

(AZCENTRAL) - About a mile away, a sign stuck in the ground on Alma School Road near Guadalupe took a different tack. It read: "Obama: Socialism is not the answer."

(ME) - Attempts to diminish and downplay the Obama protest: "About a mile away.... a (singular) sign". I saw a dozens of signs like this stuck in the ground up and down Guadalupe with about five different slogans on them. On the other hand, other than the school's flashing sign, "Welcome Mr. President", there was NO "welcome mat" to be seen anywhere.

btw: these little picket signs are a good idea.. something I think we should put in our own yards and anywhere else we can put them!

Compare above reporting to the article following article in the East Valley Tribune today:

Presidential protesters made their voices heard in chants and signs Wednesday outside Dobson High School.

The protesters, about 500 to 600 strong and growing, began arriving as ticket holders walked in.

(ME) ..and that was only 8:30AM!

Mesa police set up a protest area along Guadalupe Road.

They held their signs up high: "Don't tread on me," "Spend all you want, I'll pick up the tab," "I'll keep my freedom! You keep the change!" "Free fertility drugs now." And "B. O. smells and so does Socialism."

(ME) - That last sign belongs to our very own Tim Guiney!

Critics of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio showed up in force, as well.

(ME) Miniscule compared to what WE had.

As protesters held their signs high, they exchanged cheers with the honking cars that passed.

The general message of the protesters was that Obama's policies would lead the country toward socialism.

(ME) - "I'm out here to exercise my First Amendment rights while I still have them," said Tim Guiney, 52, a Phoenix sales manager. "Everything that man stands for is the antithesis of what this country was founded on. He's a Marxist, fascist."

Lee Bauer, 53, a social and fiscal conservative, said she doesn't believe in the $787 billion stimulus package signed by Obama Tuesday in Denver.

"Obama's stimulus package has only mobilized the opposition," she said.

Former Republican Congressman J.D. Hayworth of Arizona also was in attendance.

He called the bill a "trillion-dollar boondoggle."

A man shouted over a megaphone, "I want to see if the president is driving a (Toyota) Prius or an electric car."

(ME) - “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” ~ Isoroku Yamamoto? no - Nancy Pelosi!
(aka LadyFyre)
Arizona Patriots Resistance


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Why do the Americans continue to bow down to the MSM?
I can`t see where any American has made one effort to put a stop to the MSM and their efforts to destroy America...NOT ONE
Your all TALK America...all talk.